Story Starters

The Time Machine

I was over at my best friend’s house after school one Friday afternoon. We heard strange beeping sounds coming from the basement. We walked downstairs to investigate.

My friend and I saw a large machine in the middle of the basement, with lots of flashing lights and buttons. We ducked to enter the small door of the machine.

We saw one knob, angled to the left and pointing to the word TODAY. To the right of that setting were the words FIVE YEARS LATER.   

Confused, I looked at my friend. She looked right back at me.

My friend reached for the knob and turned it to the right… FIVE YEARS LATER

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Story Endings


the world was full of hoverboards fling cars and holograms!!

Jul 10

There was a jungle growing in the basement!

Jul 10

There flying donkeys, space elephants, and even pink tigers standing on their tippy toes. I have no idea how this happened. It must have been a time traveling machine. But how did this much change in 5 years. I HAVE ABSALUTELY NO IDEA!!! We did a quick look then I decided that I wanted to go home. We hopped back in the time traveling machine. I turned the knob right and - oops, I forgot that you’re supposed to turn the knob left. I accidentally turned it 10 years later. We teleported there and I saw… ME! I was walking right into a huge mansion. Was this my house? I looked beside me and Jack, my best friend, was gone. So I had to go 5 years earlier and I found him trying to get the machine to work. We both teleported 5 years earlier. And I know I will be wandering for 10 years if what I saw was true.

Jul 08
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