Story Starters

The Time Machine

I was over at my best friend’s house after school one Friday afternoon. We heard strange beeping sounds coming from the basement. We walked downstairs to investigate.

My friend and I saw a large machine in the middle of the basement, with lots of flashing lights and buttons. We ducked to enter the small door of the machine.

We saw one knob, angled to the left and pointing to the word TODAY. To the right of that setting were the words FIVE YEARS LATER.   

Confused, I looked at my friend. She looked right back at me.

My friend reached for the knob and turned it to the right… FIVE YEARS LATER

Story Endings


the thing eas just a peice of cardboard taped to the wall so my friend just banged her hand against the wall.

Aug 20

they were in Spruce Woods park and the play structure had been taken down and an ice cream shop was in its place!

Aug 19

then we looked at our self’s… and we were 15 ! but right back in the basement . we walked up and out of the basement . and snuck past my friends parents and got out side .to talk then i remembered that the machine had a knob that said today . we went back into the basement turned the knob to today and we were back to normal

Aug 19
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