Story Starters


Aki really didn’t like riding in cars. The smell inside of them made her feel sick.

One day, her mom was driving her and her brother, Ziibiin, to their hockey practices. Even though the car had been cleaned, Aki thought it smelled like rotten bananas.

After 10 minutes, Aki couldn’t handle it anymore. She leaned over and took some coloured candy from Ziibiin and stuck a few in each of her nostrils.

“You look ridiculous!” he told her.

“Yes, but I can’t smell the car smell anymore! It’s ahhh…”, said Aki

“Ahhh, what? Ahhhmazing?”, asked Ziibiin.

“AhhhhhCHOOO!”. Aki grabbed some tissue as she sneezed the candy out of her nose.

Aki and Ziibiin looked at the tissue and to their surprise…

Story Endings


Were two wizards! “hi,” said Aki timidly, they responded by doing a curse on her! Aki and Ziibiin were now under her commands! they were planning to destroy the world. Now, it is up to their parents to save them.

Aug 24

it turn into a fariry the fariy banishished the bad smelling car to a dump then made a candy car so it would not smell

Aug 22

The candies turned into two beautiful angels and and blessed her that she would never get this problem again.

Aug 19
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