Story Starters


Aki really didn’t like riding in cars. The smell inside of them made her feel sick.

One day, her mom was driving her and her brother, Ziibiin, to their hockey practices. Even though the car had been cleaned, Aki thought it smelled like rotten bananas.

After 10 minutes, Aki couldn’t handle it anymore. She leaned over and took some coloured candy from Ziibiin and stuck a few in each of her nostrils.

“You look ridiculous!” he told her.

“Yes, but I can’t smell the car smell anymore! It’s ahhh…”, said Aki

“Ahhh, what? Ahhhmazing?”, asked Ziibiin.

“AhhhhhCHOOO!”. Aki grabbed some tissue as she sneezed the candy out of her nose.

Aki and Ziibiin looked at the tissue and to their surprise…

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Story Endings


The candy 🍬 disappear her brother asked what happened I don’t ACHOO 🤧 No Aki I think 🤔 you’ve got a Fever said thar mother. Cof no I don’t after I take .Your brother to hokey practice were gong to the doctor 👨‍⚕️ wen thay recht war Ziibiin tem practices he said I don’t fell well thar mother fellt his forhed and said .You have a fever 🤒 Your cuming to the doctors too wen thay wer in the Igsamanating room the doctor agsamid them and said thay have the flu wen .thay got home 🏡 thay went strat to bed in the end thay wer ol betr

Jul 10

They saw little bits of candy 🍭 and then they got out of the car 🚗 and Aki was so happy 😀 the END!

Jul 08

It was a rotten banana! That’s what she smelled! Well that explaines everything she said. THE END

Jul 08
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