Aki really didn’t like riding in cars. The smell inside of them made her feel sick.

One day, her mom was driving her and her brother, Ziibiin, to their hockey practices. Even though the car had been cleaned, Aki thought it smelled like rotten bananas.

After 10 minutes, Aki couldn’t handle it anymore. She leaned over and took some coloured candy from Ziibiin and stuck a few in each of her nostrils.

“You look ridiculous!” he told her.

“Yes, but I can’t smell the car smell anymore! It’s ahhh…”, said Aki

“Ahhh, what? Ahhhmazing?”, asked Ziibiin.

“AhhhhhCHOOO!”. Aki grabbed some tissue as she sneezed the candy out of her nose.

Aki and Ziibiin looked at the tissue and to their surprise…

Story Endings


they found sparkling colored diamonds! “This is Fantastic!” Aki yelled. “How did that happen?” asked Ziibiin confusingly. “I have no idea!”. The siblings looked at their window for anything that could help them decide what to do with the special diamonds, that’s when they spotted everyone with diamonds in their hands! “Wow!, looks like we weren’t the only ones who are lucky!” said Aki joyfully. As the two siblings thought of what they were going to do with the diamonds, their mom cracked from silence and yelled it’s raining diamonds! Soon enough all the working parents came home and classes were cancelled. Now there was an official day called “Diamond Day”. They would stay home and enjoy the shiny falling gems. A few hours later when all the families were relaxing at home, a new product was released. A new Car Oder that smelled as sweet as Candy, only for $2.99! In just a snap Aki was with her Dad asking him to buy the new car Oder and so he bought it! 🍭 The End 🍭

Aug 06

he saw that there was a distingue fly wich was colorful and had neon colors and he decides to never sit in the car. thereafter they bought a new car

Jul 30

a walking talking frog came out and with a grin carrying a box full of candies and said “Sorry I thought this was my secret stash.”. After that frog came out yellow, pink, blue, red and green candy! So, Aki tried the candy and said “yummy”. THE END.

Jul 29

the candys came out green instead of blue! So the next time Aki went into a car, he remembered that his nose could do some magic. So every time he tried a different color candy!

Jul 28


Jul 28

Aki was rainbow coloured! Zibbin said that I could use you for my paintings! And Aki’s mom looked at her and said “ AKI WHAT DID YOU DO?! And Aki Said nothing.

Jul 28

When she Use the Kleenex she stop sneezing

Jul 28

There was the biggest piece of earwax!

Jul 27

there wasn’t anything on the tissue. Aki told her mom

Jul 27

They saw a gem that told in cars there are no smells Aki smelled the car and said that’s right and went to the park happily

Jul 27

there was only one tissue and that was the tissue she had sighned by the flash actress who plays iris Candaice Patton and Aki did not want to use that tissue no matter what.On top of that they were on a long road trip to Ottawa so she blew her noose in her favorite sweter and she was freezing the rest of the car ride they got to her dads house in ottawa he is a laywer by the way she washed the sweter learned a valubable lesson and made sure to always bring tissues with her the end !!!!!!

Jul 26

The tissue was colored and when she blew her nose, her nose became colorful and Ziibiin screamed AAAAAAAHHHHHHH and Aki said, What?Ziibiin gave Aki a mirror and Aki screamed AAAAAAHHHHHHH. When they arrived in the hockey place Aki felt embarrassed and everyone stared at her and screamed AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

      THE END
Jul 26

The tissue had magical powers,it could talk,walk and do anything like a human.zibbiin and Aki wanted to keep the tissue as a pet but their parents weren’t too happy about that but they really wanted to keep the tissue so they kept it as a secret from their parents. Ziibiin didn’t like the idea to hide it from their parents but Aki said “trust me I got this I kept plenty of secrets from mom and dad” Ziibiin replied “WHAT SECRETS DID YOU KEEP FROM US!!!” Aki said”nevermind just cmon mom and dad are gonna feel suspicious if we don’t get back in the house” Ziibiin”Fine! We will think about this tommorrow but i promise mom and dad are gonna find out if we keep this tissue”

The end! Hope you enjoyed

Jul 23

The candy disappeared and they tried to look for the candy.But it was not there.Aki sneezed again. “ACHOOO!” Said Aki. “Really?”Said Ziibiin. “Right now we’re trying to look for the candy!” They only found one candy under a car seat. They split the candy in half! “Well sharing is better then nothing.” Said Ziibiin. But Aki sneezed again. “A…A…ACHOOO!” Said Aki. And they candy in her mouth flyed and got stuck on the front window of the car. “Oops…” Said Aki. ”Welp” Said Ziibin. Few hours later they decided to go to the play ground. They played and made sand castes. When they were making a sand castle. Aki sneezed!? “ACHOOOOOO!” And her ACHOO knocked down the sand castle. THE END

Jul 23

There was a banana peel that was up her nose!!!!!!!!

Jul 22

A piggy

Jul 22

The candy was gone.

Jul 17

On the tissue with the candy, there was snot and in the snot, there were a few dots. Aki and Ziibiin told the mom and then the mom said ok we’re going to the doctors. A few moments later, Aki’s snot was tested and the doctor said “Aki, you have been diagnosed for aachoo - itis.” Aki said “whats that?!” The doctor said “it’s a sickness where you sneeze when you smell rotten food. BUT your snot seemed to have some black specks in it. We have discovered that your sickness has gone away! You will no longer sneeze when you smell rotten food but you will still sneeze regularly.” Aki says “I won’t sneeze like a crazy woman anymore?! THANK YOU!” Then their family went to their hockey practices.

Jul 17

She saw a rainbow because there was candy in nose

Jul 17

instead of snot, it was rainbow colored glitter. they were both very surprised but decided not to tell their mom because she would freak out and take her straight to the hospital. then she sneezed again and it came out this time normal. So they left that with a shrug and a “ well that was weird, it was probably just the candy”. But after that she never got sick again from the smell of a car. THE END

Jul 16

the tissue vanished, and so did the world!!! Aki sneezed so much candy, she made the tissue into CANDYLAND!!! The family took all the candy they could hold in bags, in the car and in their hands! After the found 1 candy that looked odd, so Aki ate it and a paper appeared in her hand saying “ The person who ate this candy can now teleport to this land whenever they want! To go back, they must hold hands with the people they brought and everything else and fake sneeze and if they wnat to come, they do the same but pat their right leg before they fake sneeze. Enjoy. From: The Candy!” Te The family went back and they freaked!!! After that they went there all the time and they lived happily ever after! (When they were not at the dentist) The End!

Jul 16