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The Word Collector

The Word Collector
The Word Collector
by Peter H. Reynolds
4.0 stars
10 Reviews

Jerome loves words so much that he collects his favourites every day! There’s only one thing that makes him happier…

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4.0 stars

I liked how she found words everywhere she went.

Jun 16
4.0 stars

I think this is a good book because Jerome loves to collect words from everywhere he sees. I think Jerome really loves books. When he threw the words from his bag he saw all the happy children in the village trying to catch the words in the sky and having fun. This is why I like this book. This book makes me feel happy.

Jul 28
4.0 stars

This book is a great book because a little boy does not collect the usual things like rocks. He collects words and I think that is really cool.

Jul 27
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