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Bollywood Burglary (Geronimo Stilton #65)

Bollywood Burglary (Geronimo Stilton #65)
Bollywood Burglary (Geronimo Stilton #65)
by Geronimo Stilton
4.5 stars
22 Reviews

My detective friend Hercule Poirat and I were headed to India. A Bollywood star we’re friends with had received a valuable ruby and wanted us to help her protect it… which meant that I ended up acting in the movie she was filming! Rancid ricotta – I’m a terrible actor! Even worse, just when we least expected it, the ruby was stolen. Could we find the thief?

Kids' Reviews

5.0 stars

i like geronimo stilton some much i recommend it for 8 year olds

Aug 17
5.0 stars

I love geronimo Stilton and thea because of the adventures they have I have tons of thea and geronimo

Aug 14
5.0 stars


Jul 25
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