Royal Champions

Royal Champions
Royal Champions
by Disney Book Group
4.5 stars
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/DIVFeaturing the Disney Princesses and their noble steeds, Royal Champions brings all-new adventures for Ariel, Jasmine, and Aurora. A mysterious horse and rider are in the lead in the huge long-distance horserace outside of Agrabah…and Jasmine and her horse Midnight are nowhere to be found at the castle! Aurora spends the day with her new horse Buttercup, who’s afraid of his own shadow. Ariel adopts a little orphaned foal, who grows up to be Beau, the biggest, horsiest lapdog the court has ever seen! This beautifully illustrated jacketed storybook is chock-full of adventure, romance, and humor. Guaranteed to become an instant favorite with little girls and their parents.DIV

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Jul 21
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Jul 20
4.0 stars

What I think about this book is that it teaches you should be responsible of your pet, always look where you are going and when you have a pet competition don’t say you’ll be the last one, you should always try no matter what and this book is about horses if you love horses read this book!

Jul 18
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