Game On in Ancient Greece

Game On in Ancient Greece
Game On in Ancient Greece
by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin
4.0 stars
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The Binkerton siblings attempt time travel to watch a future Olympic games, but instead find themselves in ancient Greece watching the ancient Olympic games.

Kids' Reviews

3.0 stars

nice book overall because it gives you an idea about how ancient olympic games would have been

Aug 13
5.0 stars

It is one of the best books I have ever read to get a basic understanding of what Ancient Greece was like. I think everyone should read it. I especially found interesting the page on Sparta and Spartans. Children learn about ancient Greece by going back in time and visiting. They see ancient Athens and Olympia, the site of the Olympic Games, and also learn about the status of women and children in the ancient society. In this instance,Josh,Emma and Libby Binkerton are siblings. Josh wants to use the services offered by The Good Times Travel Agency to go into the future to enjoy the upcoming Olympic Games. While Mr. Pettigrew, the owner, is searching for a travel guide that will suit them,the older twins get distracted, trying to keep Libby from climbing a shelf and grabbing an antique vase. As a result, neither of them notice that the guide he gives them is for the original Olympics in Ancient Greece. In short order,they’re trying to dodge opposing armies and learn about Ancient Greece

Jul 18
4.0 stars

Good book

Jul 13
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