I Will Dance

I Will Dance
I Will Dance
by Nancy Bo Flood and Juliana Swaney
4.5 stars
20 Reviews

This picture book follows Eva, a young girl born with cerebral palsy, as she pursues her dream of becoming a dancer. Eva learns of a place that has created a class for dancers of all abilities and her dreams begin to come true.

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3.0 stars

I liked the first part about the girl but I didn’t really like the dancing part. Any ways it is a good read!

Jul 22
5.0 stars

Good. I like how this book is about a real kid, and one who had a disability and didn’t let that stop her!

Jul 21
5.0 stars

I like this book because it proves that even if your different your are capable of doing anything you put your mind to. The part I prefered was the words all abilities or disabilities. So that shows that EVERY-ONE can dance.

Jul 20
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