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2018 English Top Recommended Reads

February 07, 2018

The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library

By Linda Bailey and Victoria Jamieson


Tundra Books; 2017

ISBN: 9781101918326

Ages 8-11

Eddie is a tiny green bug who loves to read. When his Aunt Min goes to the library and doesn't return, Eddie springs into action. Can Eddie use book smarts to avoid Squishers and save his aunt?

What’s My Superpower?

By Aviaq Johnston and Tim Mack


Inhabit Media; 2017

ISBN: 9781772271409

Ages 4-7

Whenever Nalvana goes out to play, she keeps finding friends who have superpowers. Davidee has super speed, Maata appears as if she can fly, and Joanasie can build anything. Nalvana wonders if she will ever discover her own superpower.


I Love My Purse

By Belle DeMont and Sonja Wimmer


Annick Press; 2017

ISBN: 9781554519545

Ages 4-7

Charlie loves his red purse above all else, and isn’t afraid to let the world know it! When he brings his purse to school one day, everyone questions him. But Charlie stands firm with his choice and this begins to inspire others.


He Who Dreams

By Melanie Florence


Orca Book Publishers; 2017

ISBN: 9781459811027

Ages 11-12

John discovers he has a talent for dancing, and struggles to embrace and find acceptance for both his Irish and Cree heritage. This is a great story about discovering a passion and having the determination to follow it.


Can Your Smartphone Change the World?

By Erinne Paisley


Orca Book Publishers; 2017

ISBN: 9781459813038

Ages 11-12

Get involved, raise awareness, and make a difference in the world using the power of social media. Your smartphone can be used as an effective tool for social justice by connecting you with the world.


One Piece of String

By Marthe Jocelyn


Orca Book Publishers; 2017

ISBN: 9781459813182

Ages 0-3

A single piece of string can twist and turn into amazing things - a spider's web, a flower, a layer of snow on a birdhouse roof, and other surprises. This book will spark creativity in young readers, expanding their ability to see shapes and patterns in everyday objects.


The Dance of the Violin

By Kathy Stinson and Dušan Petričić


Annick Press; 2017

ISBN: 9781554519002

Ages 5-8

Stories and music pour from young Joshua Bell’s violin, colouring his whole world as he prepares for a big competition. Author Kathy Stinson effectively depicts the jitters that can build before a big performance and the persistence needed to get things right. Brilliant illustrations by Dušan Petričić manage to capture the sounds that play from Joshua's violin.


The Man Who Loved Libraries: The Story of Andrew Carnegie

By Andrew Larsen and Katty Maurey


Owlkids Books; 2017

ISBN: 9781771472678

Ages 5-9

Andrew Carnegie arrived in America in 1848 as a poor, young immigrant. This book traces Andrew's journey from his childhood to his adulthood, when he became one of the nation's richest citizens. Andrew's charitable work continues to enrich lives to this day.


The Word Collector

By Peter Reynolds


Orchard Books; 2018

ISBN: 9780545865029

Ages 4-8

Jerome loves words so much that he collects his favourites every day! When Jerome's word collection gets jumbled up after a slip and fall, he begins to discover the true power of words.


Letters to a Prisoner

By Jacques Goldstyn


Owlkids Books; 2017

ISBN: 9781771472517

Ages 8-12

Told entirely through illustrations, this book demonstrates that even a simple act like writing a letter can have a powerful impact when people unite to express their support.

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