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2019 Theme Vote

March 26, 2018

Please cast your vote for the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club theme. The poll will be open until April 11, 2018. Happy Voting!

I agree with Ketsia, Game On! would be great with the 2020 SummerOlympics!
by Donna McDonnell
12 months ago
Amazing! It's broad enough to hold all interests. I love the possibilities with this theme
by Lynn Yates
12 months ago
I like the Game On! and Amazing themes. Perhaps both could be combined? I would be nice if it were broad enough so that the scientific, athletic and more art-oriented people could all develop engaging programming.
by Kailyn Shepley
12 months ago
Game On is an excellent choice - Liked them all , but with Summer Olympics & being a fan of board games - yes to GAME ON
by April M.
12 months ago
I would like to vote for a theme about the future of human being and our world.
by Helen Xu
12 months ago
I also appreciate the themes that are open ended and so are easy to accomodate when planning/implementing the program.
by Sheila Heit
12 months ago
I enjoy the themes that are open ended so easy to accommodate.
by Katherine Matlovich
12 months ago
I would like to vote for a theme that includes Shakespeare
by Gail Kavelman
12 months ago
Notable Scientific Discoveries/Events
by Alex Magno
12 months ago
I think we should save the Game On! theme for 2020 when the Summer Olympics are happening.
by Ketsia Snider
12 months ago
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