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Library Member Survey

April 09, 2018

The TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC) team is designing new measures for evaluating the Club’s outcomes and impact on children and their families. To help us do that, we're asking all library members to complete a 5–10 minute survey letting us know your current measures of success and how you are collecting that data.

Here is some background information:

Current National Measures

A kids' survey and a parent survey are available on our website at the end of the summer. These surveys gather feedback on reading habits, library use, and satisfaction with the website. Additionally, at the end of the summer you are asked to complete a national Nielsen survey, which collects data on registration; program promotion and attendance; testimonials from parents, caregivers, and teachers; etc.

Individual Library Measures

Many participating library members have developed their own tools for tracking and measuring the success of the Club at their libraries, in order to gather information beyond the national measures. 

Tell us about the tools you are using at your library by [completing this survey]

Hello, This will be my first year running this program. I intend to use parent surveys to gauge satisfaction and success. Thank you, Julie
by Julie Richard
about 3 years ago
We collect the data about the number of people registered with SRC, number of programs, number of SRC volunteers, and number of program participants.
by Tatiana Tilly
about 3 years ago
Track grade level and which school participants attend. Shows effectiveness of our students' visits to schools in June to promote library summer programs - tutoring program and reading club.
by Alison Houston
about 3 years ago
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