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Sister Libraries 2019

March 07, 2019

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it is time to team up and prepare for another remarkable year with the TD Summer Reading Club. We are pleased to announce the return of the Sister Libraries program for 2019! This is a program where we match your library with another library in Canada that has similar goals and resources. You and your sister library decide what interactions you want to do. You can exchange ideas, activities or variations of activities, challenges you’ve encountered and solutions. You can also get your kids to interact by being pen pals, exchanging book suggestions, Skyping or even having a friendly book reading competition between libraries.

We loved hearing how libraries ran their program last year, and we appreciated the constructive feedback. This year, we are introducing the program one month early so you have more time to brainstorm with your sister library before the summer begins.

If your library is interested in being matched with another library, please complete the short questionnaire and return to by March 19, 2019. We will inform you by March 28, 2019 of the library you have been paired with along with their contact information.

Thank you for your participation!