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TD Summer Reading Club 2019—Natural World

September 23, 2018


In the spring, we asked library members to vote on three themes for the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club (TD SRC): “Game On,” “Amazing,” and “Natural World.” Our thanks to everyone who voted!

A total of 1,064 votes were cast and the results were incredibly close:

  • Natural World: 360 votes (33.8%)
  • Amazing: 353 votes (33.2%)
  • Game On: 351 (33.0%)

In the narrowest of margins, “Natural World” emerged as the favourite theme for 2019. As usual, we wrote a creative brief to fully explore the meaning of the theme and to guide the creation of all program content. Below are the most pertinent sections of the creative brief.

Please remember that for the last several years, our themes have not had a public-facing name. The phrase “Natural World” is only meant to guide those developing the program content and is not meant to be used in publicity materials.

Compelling Idea

TD Summer Reading Club 2019 Campaign Identity: Natural World

This summer, the TD Summer Reading Club invites you to unplug and take a moment to explore the stories and science of nature through adventure and play—to marvel at a growing seed, be awed by extreme weather, and wonder about our connection to each other and the earth that sustains us.

Together, we’ll trek through the wilderness, real or imagined, and let our playful curiosity give rise to questions about the world around us, leading to surprising discoveries. Whether exploring in our own backyards or the world beyond, we’re sure to be amazed by the natural world and the role it plays in our imaginations and our daily lives.


Playful, energetic, authentic


Adventurous, real, exciting, curious, rugged, confident


We are extremely pleased to announce that Clayton Hanmer has been hired to illustrate the 2019 program. Clayton’s illustrations will be featured on the print materials and the website for next year’s TD Summer Reading Club.

Clayton (aka CTON) is an illustrator whose energetic comic style is featured throughout dozens of online and print magazines. He illustrated several books for children, including the award-winning Not Your Typical Book about the Environment and the upcoming Dog vs. Ultra Dog (Owlkids Books, 2019).

He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his super awesome wife, amazing daughter and a weird cat named Graphite.