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One Wish

Howard and I always enjoy walking to school on Thursday mornings.

Why Thursdays? Well, Thursday is garbage pickup day in our neighborhood. I guess that sounds kind of weird—to be excited about garbage pickup day—but just stay with me for one second!

The older gentleman at the end of our street always throws away the most interesting items and puts them at the end of his property for pickup on Thursdays. Once, there was a huge Pac‑Man arcade game. Last week, it was a pinball machine. 

This Thursday morning, we looked ahead to see if there was anything at the end of his property.

“Oh. It’s just a lamp today,” Howard said.

“That’s a funny looking lamp,” I replied, as we approached and bent down to take a closer look. “Look at this weird pattern up here,” I said, touching the spiralled gold design on the lampshade.

You have one wish left!

“Uh,” Howard hesitated. “Did that just come from the lamp?” He laughed.

“I think it did,” I replied, shocked. “I think it said, you have one wish left.” I touched the lampshade again. Nothing.

“Well,” said Howard, “you might as well make a wish! Nothing to lose, right?”

“That’s true,” I replied, chuckling. “Ok. Uh. Hmm. I wish for…

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An Nintendo switch and my FAVOURITE GAMES

Jul 27

billionaire so I can buy anting I want.


Jul 26

flying power so i can fly to places.

Jul 25
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