Story Starters

Baa-d Guys

One sunny day, a batch of doughnuts from Old McDoughnut’s Farm went missing and everyone blamed the Baa sheep brothers.

Baa-di was the oldest and biggest brother. Baa-bi was younger and smaller, but had the biggest sneeze.

Sure, they had “sleep-chewed” Tommy McDoughnut’s sweater and there was that one time they crushed Nene the horse’s apples, but it was an accident caused by Baa-bi’s sneeze.

They were definitely mischievous, but they weren’t that bad! The only way to prove their innocence would be to solve the mystery themselves!

Baa-di and Baa-bi went to the scene of the crime, where the empty donut box had been found.

“AHA!” yelled Baa-bi. “I see one set of tracks here!”

“OHO!” exclaimed Baa-di. “Let’s follow them!”

The Baa brothers followed the tracks to…

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Story Endings


farm with cows. Then they spotted a cow with doughnuts. ‘‘AHA!’’ shouted baa-di. so then they went back and told everybody.

Jul 27

to an old wooden shed behind a small row of trees. The tracks lead into the shed, but Baa-di and Baa-bi were afraid to go inside the creepy building. After getting brave enough the 2 sheep slowly walked inside the shed quickly looking around for any suspicious items or the doughnut thief. Right as they were leaving, Baa-bi spotted a chunk of doughnut near a window at the back of the shed, So they went out and around the shed to the window to see if they could see anything. “TRACKS!!” said Baa-di, so they followed them until the reached a small treehouse. Up in the treehouse they saw something unexpected… not a kid, but a RACOON! As they looked closer at the raccoon they noticed that there was icing smears on its face, which meant… that was the thief. The sheep brought Old Mcdoughnut to see the raccoon thief, and he believed it was true. Finally the sheep could go and rest now knowing that they weren’t blamed. BUT WAIT!!… how did the raccoon get inside the house??!

Jul 27

a little house nestled in the woods with donuts posted on all the windows.

Jul 27
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