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The Pet-Sitters Club

Amaya was a member of The Pet-Sitters Club and she was excited for her first job. She would be looking after a goldfish named Finn.

Fifteen minutes into the job, Finn jumped out of his goldfish bowl! Amaya rushed to put him back in, but he was too big! She moved him into a bigger bowl and then he jumped out of that one too.

Every time she picked him up, he grew bigger and got heavier. She kept moving him into bigger bowls of water and he was jumping out every fifteen minutes. She was running out of bowls!

She called Pascal, another member of The Pet-Sitters Club, and told him about Finn.

Ten minutes later, Pascal arrived. Amaya opened the front door and showed him how big Finn had gotten.

“Amaya, that is not a regular goldfish… I have never seen one like that before. That is no ordinary fish,” Pascal said, as Finn jumped again.

“Finn’s owners did tell me they found him on their lawn,” Amaya explained while she moved Finn to the biggest bowl.

“Well, before I came over I looked through this book on pet fish and seeing Finn now, there weren’t any that looked like him. I’ve never heard of a fish getting bigger every time it jumps.”

“We have fifteen minutes before he jumps again, what should we do?”

“I have an idea,” Pascal said, “why don’t we…

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put that fish in the nearby stream? we’ll get in trouble if we leave him out here said Pascal good idea i’ll go get my net said Amaya after all, we are Pet-sitters and i’m sure his owners didn’t mention anything about this let’s go okay there you go Finn let’s go home now said Pascal hi kids how’s the pet sitting going? asked Amaya’s mother all good here mom i’ll go get dinner started.

Jul 27

… but at that moment, Pascal was cut off as Amaya screamed! “What’s wrong?!” Pascal bolted and stopped, for Finn, the orange so-called goldfish, was a black and white striped octopus! “Amaya! That’s it!” Pascal cried. “What’s it?” Amaya demanded as she lifted herself up from the floor. “Finn isn’t a goldfish, he’s a mimic octopus!” “Of course!” Amaya exclaimed. “Mimic octopuses act like other creatures to discourage them from preying on the octopuses! No wonder we were so spooked!” “Well, we better call the family and tell them the truth.” Pascal said. “Then, we’ll release Finn to the local aquarium! They also run a rehabilitation center!” “Okay!” Amaya said. THE END!

Jul 27

Visit the old lady next door.I heard she’s a wizard who can give us magic food.

Jul 27
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