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If You Don’t Make Your Bed

Mom always told me, “Make your bed or else your day will be a mess!” Yesterday, I didn’t make my bed, and my day was a disaster! First … 

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Story Endings


I put the blanket on the bed and then I saw one of my stuffies that I was looking for a long time. Next I put my pillows on and all my stuffies until I looked under the bed and saw a blanket monster. He had one eye, one leg, and one arm. He was very friendly and we had a nice conversation about why he was under the bed. Then he said to me that he was hiding under the bed because he was scared to talk to me. The end.

Jun 23

I didn’t clean my bedroom. Then, the Guinea pigs escaped and messed up my bedroom even more. They ran all around the house squealing and squeaking for hours. I forgot and ended up overcooking my pasta. What a mess. Yuck!

i didn’t like it!

The next morning, I remembered to make my bed. The Guinea pigs didn’t escape, and I remembered to drain my pasta on time.

Now just make your bed so you don’t have a day like that!

Jun 23

First I could not find my book so my mom was mad at me, I was sad so I look for my favorite toy but I could not find it 😭 so mom get upset 😠 so the next day I got upset because i could not find everything so I ask mom she said you need to Take care of your stuff and dad said the same thing I was sad that I can not find my stuff.

Jun 22
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