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If You Don’t Make Your Bed

Mom always told me, “Make your bed or else your day will be a mess!” Yesterday, I didn’t make my bed, and my day was a disaster! First … 

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My bedroom had so many cockroaches and ants crawling EVERYWHERE. Then when I was having a nap… spiders start crawling on me then I shouted HELP to my mom then my mom ran to me and saw everywhere and she said the cure was to: take a bath and clean my bed and room and I did everything and I ask my mom ‘’Is the cure done she yes I was so happy I felt like I was going to burst 💥 The end.

Sep 03

My tooth paste went all over the bathroom and I hope no went in there and in school we had a important test and I fell asleep in it.also Alexa my girlfriend broke up with me I was so sad that I cried in the hallway thinking it was the bathroom. Ugh I was so embarrassed. I hope that it does happen to my son. And this thought me a lesson that always make your bed and life it means just fix yourself and throw all bad habits. Like sneaking candy oops I just said it in front of my mom I used to do it bye but just remember that your life will last long or sh

Aug 28

,I went for a walk and Mrs.Shallow turned into a half tiger and half polar bear and on top she was hunting our stray cats that roamed on the street!Secondly, When I went back home after the walk my mom was a complete Arctic Fox!because of that she turned the temperature of the house to -209.Then,I went to my friends house for a visit and it turned out that he had turned into a lizard!What an awful day.Then again I returned home ignoring my Arctic fox mom and shivered upstairs to my room my neck about to be ice.Later,when i reached my home I made up my bed .Suddenly the house was warm again,and when I looked outside everyone who were animals were back to normal.Finally,I went downstairs and found my mom turned back to normal!I was so happy that I hugged her about for 1h, fine, a bit less.Now I know to make up my bed every day.The End.

Aug 26
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