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Follow the Fox

I saw a lot of animals whenever I took the shortcut through the forest to get back to camp, so I wasn’t scared when I saw a fox one evening last summer. I had come across plenty of foxes in my life. But I knew something was different about this one right away.

The fox stood in front of me, a safe distance away, and met my eyes. We both stood still for what seemed like an eternity, staring at each other.

The fox turned and started to walk away. Suddenly, the fox stopped, turned its head, and looked back at me. I took a few steps forward and the fox starting walking again. Whenever I stopped walking, the fox stopped. Whenever I walked, the fox continued. For some reason, this fox wanted to be followed.

I continued to follow the fox as it began to walk quicker and then started into a trot. I started jogging to keep up. Suddenly, the fox stopped by a ditch and looked over at me.

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Story Endings


The fox came walking forward to me. The fox was wondering how we could get over this ditch after traveling so far. I said, “Well fox, dont you want to go back home?”. I was surprised when the fox said, “But how can I get over this ditch!?”. And i said,”How about we just have a picnic”.

Jul 17

It seemed to be checking whether I was following it or not, but, I was. I peered over the edge of that insignificant ditch and realized it was much more than just a ditch. This so called “ditch” had a purple film stretching from one side to the other connecting the edges. The fox nodded towards it as if telling me,”Go on, jump in.” So I did. I shouldn’t have, but, I did. I ended up in the Land of End. The land where everything is the opposite as it is on Earth. The living is dead and the dead is living. Except for three things: the fox; me; and another girl. That girl, turned out to be my sister and she has been living down here for quite a while. Time passes faster on Earth as opposed to the Land of End so while I am in my early teens, my sister is unfortunately in her later twenties. But now we live happily ever after down in the Land of End. Will you come visit sometime? We are quite lonely down here in the Land of End.

Jul 16

the fox said watch out.A magma misel fired right over my head.I was paralyzed.Then it was a chase down the forest. The fox said my name is waffle and this happened.So was a worker for a army.And then I pored Appel juice in the medasin and everyone was mad.Sooooooo nice noing you the the sun had solereklipes and the army was no more.Then they ate waffles to celebrate.the end

Jul 16
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