Story Starters


Follow the Fox

I saw a lot of animals whenever I took the shortcut through the forest to get back to camp, so I wasn’t scared when I saw a fox one evening last summer. I had come across plenty of foxes in my life. But I knew something was different about this one right away.

The fox stood in front of me, a safe distance away, and met my eyes. We both stood still for what seemed like an eternity, staring at each other.

The fox turned and started to walk away. Suddenly, the fox stopped, turned its head, and looked back at me. I took a few steps forward and the fox starting walking again. Whenever I stopped walking, the fox stopped. Whenever I walked, the fox continued. For some reason, this fox wanted to be followed.

I continued to follow the fox as it began to walk quicker and then started into a trot. I started jogging to keep up. Suddenly, the fox stopped by a ditch and looked over at me.

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Story Endings


When I looked into the ditch I saw 8 tiny faces looking at me. The fox had led me to her babies that were in trouble and needed help. I climbed into the ditch and passed each baby up to her that she took to safety. After all the babies were safe with their Mom, I climbed out of the ditch and brushed myself off. The fox and her babies looked at me as if to say, “Thank you”, and ran into the forest. I felt like a hero.

Aug 26

“Welcome, Andrea”,said the fox. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”!,screamed Andrea. “All animals talk like humans. It is one of our best gifts”,said the fox. “My name is Fleur, the fox. My family is missing! We fox, have watched you for a long time. Seven years, to be exact”. So, Andrea agreed to help Fleur find her family. 4 years later: “My family! The Audee family has them! They are evil humans, unlike you. You are pure of heart.” So Andrea and Fleur sneaked into the house. “Mother!” said one of the Audee kids. “Not this time. Fleur and this traitor human will not escape!”,the mother said. She hit Fleur, and she was on the ground, not moving. “Fleur!”, said Andrea. A tear of hers touched Fleur. And she was moving again! So Fleur stalled the Audees, and Andrea freed Fleurs family. So Fleur, Andrea, and Fleurs family were free. “I’ll get you next time!”,yelled the Audee mother, and Andrea, Fleur, and Fleurs family were safe. For now… TO BE CONTINUED.

Aug 25

Then the fox looked and then jumped into the hole and then the boy also jumped into the hole the hole was very deep and the deeper they went the louder the noise was, and then when they reached the bottom there were tons of foxes down there, there was music and other things too, and if they went even deeper they herd sad sounds too then they saw something very sad there was a dead fox and they herd guns shoot and foxes being killed by hunters and then they saw hunters putting foxes into boxes and taking them the fox told the boy we have moved many times and the hunters always find out were we move, will you help us find a home were the hunters will not find us or not?

The boy said yes.

Aug 25
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