Story Starters


The Haunted House

Chris and Omar were playing basketball at the playground one Saturday afternoon. Chris was winning by a score of 9 to 2—with just one more basket to win. 

Chris had the ball and decided to show off a bit. He dribbled, crossing the ball over from his left hand to his right. Omar defended, trying to keep himself between Chris and the basket. Chris brought the ball above his head and tried a hook shot—a ridiculous attempt considering he was about 20 feet from the basket!

The ball soared completely over the backboard, took one big bounce, and landed on the other side of a ragged, wooden fence.

“My bad!” Chris laughed.

“Game’s over now,” Omar replied.

“Why’s that? I’ll just open the gate and get the ball,” Chris said, and began walking over toward the fence.

“You don’t want to do that,” Omar said anxiously. “That’s old man Sullivan’s yard. They say his house is haunted.”

“That’s nonsense,” Chris laughed, and he continued walking toward the fence. “I’ll be right back with the ball.”

Chris approached the fence and opened the creaky gate to the backyard.

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Story Endings


And felt scared at the backyard Chris tried to run but all the doors closed and Chris see’s a last door open he run’s inside and see’s… Omar!!!!!!!!!

Jul 16

When he was approching the ball he suddenly he a noise in the house,he thought that there must be something in the house like a stray dog or cat.Then he decided to look through the window and see a stray dog or cat but no,it was a rocking chair going back and forward with nothing in it,Chris was in shock.He grabbed the ball and went over to his friend Omar shutting and locking the fence.When he came running back to his friend he said “You were right that house is truly haunted!”.They went back home safe and sound even though Chris kept wondering was it Sullivan’s ghost or not.After that Chris and Omar forgot about that moment.Now they start to play and a different basketball park!

                                                      The end!
Jul 16

Chris walked to the fence and already felt a bad vibe in the strange fence and walked and walked he finally saw the ball but it was flattened by a dagger. then he saw Sullivan he has a big ax. Oh no he was about to be dead meat for dessert. then back at the court he heard Chris scream” HELP!” He ran to his friend to save because he daggers and axes. he ran to his friend but it was too late. Omar sobbed for about 30 seconds. he remembered that he has a dagger. he took the dagger and Sullivan was right in front of him. Sullivan did not know that Omar was behind him. CHING! he stabbed him in the heart. Omar was happy that this was over and walked back.


Omar did not know that Sullivan was his father

            THE END  
Jul 15
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