Story Starters


The Haunted House

Chris and Omar were playing basketball at the playground one Saturday afternoon. Chris was winning by a score of 9 to 2—with just one more basket to win. 

Chris had the ball and decided to show off a bit. He dribbled, crossing the ball over from his left hand to his right. Omar defended, trying to keep himself between Chris and the basket. Chris brought the ball above his head and tried a hook shot—a ridiculous attempt considering he was about 20 feet from the basket!

The ball soared completely over the backboard, took one big bounce, and landed on the other side of a ragged, wooden fence.

“My bad!” Chris laughed.

“Game’s over now,” Omar replied.

“Why’s that? I’ll just open the gate and get the ball,” Chris said, and began walking over toward the fence.

“You don’t want to do that,” Omar said anxiously. “That’s old man Sullivan’s yard. They say his house is haunted.”

“That’s nonsense,” Chris laughed, and he continued walking toward the fence. “I’ll be right back with the ball.”

Chris approached the fence and opened the creaky gate to the backyard.

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Story Endings


He went in, saw a witch, and died

Sep 01

Wen Chris finds himself in the balk yard he emeditly spots a old blak cat prowaling around the gate. The cat spots him and starts chaseing him!!!! The cat chases him all arownd the hoes in and out of hallwas and bedrooms and out of the balk door Chris has barly eenuf time to clows the door but he managed to do it.Omar asked him :wer is the ball? He anserd: on the other side of the feanc. Do you have a nother 1 at your plaic? Omar said : yes. All go get it.

Aug 31

Chris went to the fence to get the ball but when he arrived it was gone. Then he heard a voice whose there Chris said in a flash he disappeared. From then on nobody went to the house and nobody knew were the ball or Chris was

Aug 30
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