Story Starters


Jorge and the Giant Seed

“Tim-berrrr!” Susan yelled as she watched Jorge lose his balance and fall on the grass.

“Ha ha! You fell!” Susan continued.

“Thanks, Susan. I didn’t realize that,” Jorge responded sarcastically. Susan found it hilarious when her brother felt embarrassed. 

Jorge looked around and saw that he had tripped on some sort of giant seed.

Jorge bent down and picked up the seed that was bigger than his palm. Suddenly, the seed began to sparkle and vibrate!

The seed shook and shook and Jorge felt as though he shouldn’t let it go. The seed exerted a force onto Jorge’s hand and started pulling him away.

“Whoa,” Jorge said, “this seed is pulling me somewhere!”

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Story Endings


Then he goes rumbling down a hill. Then he rolls up and down, up and down. He doesn’t like it because it’s too fast. Then he runs on it and jumps really high and then he got home.

The End

Jul 17

“NOOOO JORGE COME BACKKKKK” But it was to late, Jorge was gone!!! He had arrived in the world he always wished to be in, the world that he had always tried but failed to teleport himself into. “This Place is Awesome!!!” He thought. He looked and inspected every little detail about Video Game World. There were all the video games he played, some Jorge didn’t even know of! Then. he heard something; “NOOOO JORGE COME BACKKKKK” “ hELLLLOOOO, WHO IS IT???” Jorge asked feeling very confused, who could that be??? “JORGE, YOU CAN HEAR ME!!!” The voice cried. “Susan, is that really you?” Jorge asked in disbelief. “Yes it is!!! Where are you???” “ In video game world I thinkkkk, I am still not sure, but it is so cool.” “I wish I could join you cause there is another seed over here, but it is dinner time so come back now pleaseeeee.” “Okkkk, but one simple question, how do I get out of here????” “WHAT, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO COME BACKKKKK???”

Jul 15

the seed pulled and pulled until it reached a mystical land where us humans have not ruined yet its beauty is far beyond our imagination where all beings live in peace and harmony. Jorge was amazed and never wanted to leave so he built a fort there with a bunch of snacks but he was to preoccupied with his fort that he dint realize he completely destroyed the land. When he did he had no intentions to fix it ad ruined that beautiful land just lake us humans did to the most of earth. THE END!

Jul 14
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