Story Starters


Jorge and the Giant Seed

“Tim-berrrr!” Susan yelled as she watched Jorge lose his balance and fall on the grass.

“Ha ha! You fell!” Susan continued.

“Thanks, Susan. I didn’t realize that,” Jorge responded sarcastically. Susan found it hilarious when her brother felt embarrassed. 

Jorge looked around and saw that he had tripped on some sort of giant seed.

Jorge bent down and picked up the seed that was bigger than his palm. Suddenly, the seed began to sparkle and vibrate!

The seed shook and shook and Jorge felt as though he shouldn’t let it go. The seed exerted a force onto Jorge’s hand and started pulling him away.

“Whoa,” Jorge said, “this seed is pulling me somewhere!”

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Story Endings


The seed led him to a beautiful rainbow forest. Susan followed behind in amazement. Surrounding them were hundreds of seeds, spouting the biggest flowers and fruit trees ever. They spent the whole afternoon picking flowers and getting full off the yummiest fruit they ever had.

Aug 26

The seed took him to a cliff and then the seed dropped Jorge to the ground and he looked at him self and said I am small and the seed was a giant then the seed opened him self then Jorge got inside and then the seed shut him.Jorge was trapped! Then the seed opened up and then Jorge found him self in a new world, everything was made out of seeds!

Aug 25

After a while, Jorge became very scared. “Oi! Where are you taking me?” he said. Then, a voice said:”You are the chosen one, Jorge”. At 6:00, the two arrived at a lovely place. With a nice view, and valley. “Where am I?”, said Jorge. “We are at at Valley field Jr. school. I am the seed that people used to grow Katrina the tree. The same kind, anyway. We have watched you. You deserve to live with us”. So Jorge lived with them for a long time. About 6 months. Then, Jorge decided that he would go back home. He said to the seed: “I want to go back home. My family must be very worried”. “I understand”, said the seed sadly. Then he took Jorge back to his home. “Jorge! “Where were you?” said Susan. “Let me tell you”, said Jorge. The end!❤

Aug 20
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