Story Starters

Growing Up

Blake walked back into the apartment lobby with his younger brother Milo by his side. They had spent their afternoon playing catch in the park. Blake had been frustrated because Milo couldn’t catch well.

Yea, yea… Milo was only 5 years old and still learning, and Blake was 10 — and “Blake should be more patient”, as their mom constantly reminded him. Blake had heard it all before.

The boys approached the elevator and Milo pushed the button to go up. As the boys waited for the elevator to come down to the lobby, Blake had an idea.

“Hey, Milo, I’ll race you”, Blake said.

“Race? How?” Milo asked.

“As soon as the elevator comes, you go in and push the button for 3”, Blake instructed. “I’ll run up the stairs to the 3rd floor. We’ll see who gets their first.”

Ding”. The elevator arrived at the lobby floor. Milo stepped in and Blake bolted toward the staircase.

Blake ran up the stairs two at a time, past the sign for the second floor and then onto the third. Then, he raced down the hallway to the elevator. Milo wasn’t in the hallway yet, and Blake was pleased with himself.

“Yes, I win!” Blake panted, as he pressed his ear close to the elevator doors to hear it coming.

Ding”. The doors opened and a man walked out — a young man, about 20-years-old.  Blake had a vague sense that he knew this person.

“Milo?” Blake asked, confused, looking past the man and seeing the elevator was otherwise empty.

“Hello Blake”, said the 20-year-old Milo. “We have a lot to talk about.”

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Story Endings


Milo was in a costume looking like a 20 year old but still five year old Milo. Blake got pranked

Jul 09

Milo had an evil twin

Jul 08

when milo was running he saw a lemonade stand and he wants to go but he does not have money the person said he will give it for free so he got some and he turned old when they came home they sat and milo told the story when milo mom came she was surprised she said milo is that you are so big milo told his mom she got a little scared at first but then she understood when it was time to have dinner he got small

Jul 08
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