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Cat Olympics


Chloe the Cat arrived for the first ever Cat Olympics.

Her goal: to win three gold medals by finishing first in three of her favourite cat-themed events.

It certainly wouldn’t be easy, but Chloe believed in herself.

Chloe walked confidently to the stadium. The first event was… 

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Story Endings


Yarn ball!

Yes, this was one of her goals to win. The first cat to unravel the yarn ball would be the cat-champion! Chloe stepped up into the stadium and started to unravel as fast as her paws could manage. And Chloe won! (Alright, she was the only one who tried out for yarn ball, but still!) A couple more events were called, and then finally cat-napping was called! For this sport, the cats all had to try to go to sleep and the first cat asleep won! Chloe went to sleep, woke up and won! (Ok fine, she had already fallen asleep during the other events and her best friend secretly carried her into the stadium!) And last but not least… PURRING CONTEST! And Chloe actually won this one!!! (Sort of! The cat Olympics were just a dream!)

Jul 10

the art program! so many kids came piling in the studio! It was super loud! So we went home and and changed and took a shower then we went to bed!The End!

Jul 09

she WINS only one gold medal is wait and wait to get 2 more gold medal and she did it

Jul 09
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