Story Starters

Cat Olympics


Chloe the Cat arrived for the first ever Cat Olympics.

Her goal: to win three gold medals by finishing first in three of her favourite cat-themed events.

It certainly wouldn’t be easy, but Chloe believed in herself.

Chloe walked confidently to the stadium. The first event was… 

Story Endings


The next event would be chasing mice witch no doubt Chloe would win.

Aug 25

chasing rats in that all the cats chased every rat that came out of there wholes. The second event was drinking milk in that all the cats drank milk who ever drank the most milk won.

Aug 22

continued… as she scaned the feild of yarn for any sign of blue, she saw Soot stalking her. she would have to be careful. if Soot was nearby, she would probably be tailing her to see what she was doing. two can play at this game. chloe thought. she raced ahead like she had seen the yarn, and Soot followed her. soot would normally beat her in a race, those alley cat leggs had more practice than hers did. as she was running, she saw it, the blue ball of yarn! she turned away and ran after the blue ball. confused by how quickly Chloe had turned, it took Soot a while to relize where Chloe had gone. by the time she finally found her, Chloe already had the yarn. “the winner of the yarn ball competition is Chloe!” the announcer shouted. chloe smiled at soot and she slowly smiled back. “i’m sorry.” said Soot. “that’s ok,” Chloe answered,” you just wanted to win.” at home she smiled to herself. “I didn’t get 3 medals, but I made a friend, and that is more important.” THE END

Aug 21
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