One day, after school, I invited my best friend Gus over. I live on the 7th floor and we were too tired to take the stairs, so we waited for the elevator.

Ding! The elevator arrived. When the door opened, no one was in the elevator, but there was a box as tall as me in there.

It was really strange.

I had to use the washroom, so we had no choice but to get into the elevator. There was a weird vibe and neither Gus and I looked at the box. 2…3…4…5…6…7 Ding!

The door opened and the box suddenly toppled over between us and the door!

“What on earth is that?!” exclaimed Gus.

“I can’t believe it! It’s…

Story Endings


a bear! The bear chased them around but luckily the boys climbed on a fish tank and leaped off of it grabbing their hands and swinging to the elevator and landing on the seventh floor!

Aug 19

Toilet Paper!?!? Said Gus then saw a note saying the boy’s bathroom is out of order so go outside or go use the bathroom in your apartment. So they did. The End.

Aug 15

a person in a box!!! 😀 they hopped out of the elevater and ran to the bathroom just down the hall.

Aug 11
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