One day, after school, I invited my best friend Gus over. I live on the 7th floor and we were too tired to take the stairs, so we waited for the elevator.

Ding! The elevator arrived. When the door opened, no one was in the elevator, but there was a box as tall as me in there.

It was really strange.

I had to use the washroom, so we had no choice but to get into the elevator. There was a weird vibe and neither Gus and I looked at the box. 2…3…4…5…6…7 Ding!

The door opened and the box suddenly toppled over between us and the door!

“What on earth is that?!” exclaimed Gus.

“I can’t believe it! It’s…

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Story Endings


my watch,stuffed animal,remote control car,my…ROBOT!! wait a second said Gus dint that watch crack and the stuffed animals head broke and the remote control cars bumper came off and the robot got lost when you took it on vacation and now EVERYTHING is restored. I said we better take this up to my mom and dad they will be thrilled! and in about 10 minutes I was playing with the robot and the watch was on my wrist and Gus was playing with my remote controlled car and my stuffed animal was on my bed. THE END

Jul 08

A pack of cupcake and chocolate ice cream !!!!!!!!!!

Jul 08

A pile of diamonds! WOW, this amazing Gus! she exclaimed. What are we going to do with all of this said Gus. I have no idea but I do have a thought on donating some to our school Charity and buying clothes and blankets for the poor people! That’s a great idea Gus screamed. We must take these diamonds right away and show them to mom! So just as they were about to take the diamonds into the house for great use their neighbor yelled “Hey that’s mine!” Gus and Rosie were surprised to see a lady claiming a box that they had found in the elevator. They quickly searched for proof to say that it was theirs but that’s when they discovered a tag it said “To: Ms. Turnip” Ms. Turnip they said confusingly, the lady screamed “That me!”. So the boys sadly gave the box back and in return for bringing it up from the elevator Ms. Turnip gave them a few of the diamonds. 💎 The End 💎

Jul 07
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