An Owl at Sea

An Owl at Sea
An Owl at Sea
by Susan Vande Griek
4.5 stars
3 Reviews

This is the true story of a Short-eared Owl that plummeted onto the deck of an oil rig in the North Sea, one hundred miles from shore. Weak and tired, it huddled on the deck until riggers provided it with a makeshift shelter and fresh meat to eat. When a helicopter arrived to transport some of the workers back home, they took the owl with them, handing it over to the Scottish SPCA. A few weeks later the owl was strong enough to be released into the countryside.

Susan Vande Griek’s gentle prose poem describes this unusual encounter with a creature from the wild with curiosity and wonder. Ian Wallace’s stunning watercolors show gorgeous seascapes, the subtle beauty of the owl, and the oil rig and its workers, creating compelling visual contrasts.

An author’s note includes information about the Short-eared Owl, a bird found in the Americas, Europe and Asia, whose numbers may be in decline due to loss of habitat.

Book Reviews

4.0 stars

it is a little bit boring but sill cool.

Jul 16
5.0 stars

We really enjoyed this book. It was sad that the owl got lost but was rescued and returned to land.

Jul 10
4.0 stars

This book wasn’t the best book but it was pretty good. This book was like a poem but it wasn’t a very good poem but I will give it four stars.

Jun 29
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