by J.A. Joshi, Swami Mukundananda
4.5 stars
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 The Mahabharat is one of the most renowned epic poems of all times. It contains 100,000 couplets, and is nearly eight times as long as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey put together. This colossal epic was composed by the renowned sage Ved Vyas, and it was none other than Lord Ganesh who assisted him in scripting this enormous text. 

The Mahabharat is an extremely gripping narrative of internecine warfare in the Kuru family. It tells the story of how the Kauravas resorted to the deceit and treachery to cheat the Pandavas of their kingdom, how the Pandavas fought for their rights, and how in the end good triumphed over evil. 

This unique and never before written version of The Mahabharat presents the events in a different light and with great depth, revealing the true meaning of various events that dramatically unfold in front of our eyes. 

A timeless classic and its message is highly relevant even in this day and age. Among other things, the Mahabharat teaches the importance of leading a righteous life, doing one’s duty selflessly without worrying about the outcome.

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5.0 stars

god is the best

Aug 29
3.0 stars

good one

Aug 22
5.0 stars

its related to my cultur

Aug 21
5.0 stars

What a great book.

Aug 15
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