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How to Draw a Bear in a Bowtie

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Step 1: Draw a square-ish gumdrop shape and add two ears.
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Step 2: Draw a straight line below. This is the floor where your bear will stand!
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Step 3: Draw a big hulking shape around the head.
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Step 4: Next, draw shapes likes these! Bingo! You’ve just make bear paws!
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Step 5: Draw a pear share for the nose, inside the pear, add a triangle sanding on its tip.
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Step 6: Draw a circle and two more triangles to make a bowtie.
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Step 7: Add a party hat and decorate it with a pattern.
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Step 8: Add two dots for eyes. (Hint: Draw details last!)
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Step 9: Colour your fancy bear with your favourite colours!