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Moderation Guidelines

The TD Summer Reading Club encourages children to engage with their love of reading by participating online with the TD Summer Reading Club website. Visitors to the site can comment, submit jokes or add book reviews for other site visitors to enjoy.

User submitted material is screened by members of the TD Summer Reading Club committee, to ensure that the content is appropriate for the program and the intended audience of the site. Some content may be edited for clarity, at the moderators' discretion. Moderators reserve the right to leave spelling, vocabulary or grammar errors in content submitted by users, if the moderators determine that the errors do not reasonably hinder the user-submitted content’s interpretation. Moderators also reserve the right to edit or remove any content they feel is inappropriate at any time, at their discretion.

If you have any questions about the moderation policy, or have concerns about content on the TD Summer Reading Club website, please send us your feedback.