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How to Draw a Puffin Playing the Accordion

Step 1 of 10
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Step 1: Decide how tall your puffin will be. Draw two light parallel lines.
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Step 2: Decide how wide he will be. Your puffin will fit inside this rectangle! (Hint: He is taller than he is wide.)
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Step 3: Draw the head so it touches the topline of your rectangle.
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Step 4: Draw two zigzagging lines.
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Step 5: Now add the wings. Draw vertical lines connecting the squiggles.
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Step 6: Draw a nice round belly and a tail.
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Step 7: Draw one webbed foot.
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Step 8: …and another webbed foot!
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Step 9: Next, we’ll draw the puffin’s face. Then, add the buttons on the accordion.
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Step 10: Finally, some colour. Puffins have orange feet!