Story Starters

Trick or Treat!

It is Halloween night and I am dressed as a skeleton. I am with my friend Adrian who is dressed as a ghost.

“Whoa, look up there,” I say, pointing to a house on top of a hill. The house is eerily decorated for Halloween—it looks like a spooky graveyard. “That person went a bit overboard, don’t you think?”

“I think that’s our teacher’s house!” Adrian exclaims. “I remember he told us he lives at the old house on the hill.”

“Well, let’s see what candy he is giving out!” I reply, as we run up the hill, climb the front steps, and ring the doorbell.

After a few seconds, the door begins to slowly creak open… 

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


it the teacher

Jul 24

they ask if anyone is there and the teacher says ya im in the kichen want a sandwitch Adrian was confused first then he said should we go get a sandwitch i said sure we should trust our teacher we went and got a sandwitch then i saw candy in the sandwitch i told Adrian that there was candy in the sandwitch Adrian said that he did not see the candy and bit into it i laughed about it we were having a sleep over so we went to his house we choose what movie to watch we ate our candy and Adrians mom gave us popcorn after the movie we went to sleep before i went to bed me and Adrian talked to eachother well whispered the end

Jul 24

and then a vampire came out[YES A A REAL VAMPIRE]my friend and i were so shocked we could not even move a muscle.Then the vampire began to talk,”HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEEEEERRRREEE!!!!”My friend and i ran away screaming at the top of our lungs…“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”We never came to that house on Halloween again.

Jul 24
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