Story Starters

Knock, Knock

Knock, knock, what is through the door?

There is a special door in the basement. Every time we knock on it, a new, silly place awaits us. One time it was an upside-down world. Another time it was the land of bunnies. What will we find today?

This is what we have learned so far:

1.     If we don’t knock on it, we can’t open the door.

2.     To return to our basement, we have to find it and use the same knock we used to enter the silly world.

3.     We have never gone to same world twice.

Today was my turn to knock on the door. I rapped my knuckles on it—three loud, four soft. We turned the knob and…

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


we went to the same world that was upside down

Jul 27

We landed in a world of tacos

Jul 27

And suddenly we appeared in a world made of ice cream and choclate milk we decided to explore. Soon we found a house i went in and it melted😭😪😥😰

Jul 26
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