Treasure Hunters

On the weekends, Marisol and Keanu meet up to hang out. Keanu uses his wheelchair on the sidewalk, while Marisol rides her bike on the street.

On Saturday, Keanu rushed over to their meeting spot inside the park by the fountain. “Marisol! Look what I found in the attic!”

“What is it?” she asked excitedly.

Keanu showed her a crumpled piece of paper. It looked like a treasure map based on the drawing with an X-marked spot.

The local library, pharmacy and convenience store were drawn and marked, along with Keanu’s house and the park they were meeting at. Whatever was buried was in their neighbourhood.

“I think it belonged to my granny. Want to go check what’s buried there?”

“Sure!” Marisol replied.

“There are the three trees that are drawn here, with a bench beside the third one,” Keanu pointed out as he tapped on the map.

When they arrived there, Marisol looked around. “From here we have to go past the pond behind the library and beyond that area.” She motioned to where the librarian did outdoor storytime.

“Almost there! This is so exciting!” Marisol remarked after they passed the families heading to the library. “Where do we go next?”

Story Endings


Just then the ground shook and the next thing they both know is that they are falling down a big cave!They both try going different ways but not a clue to how to get out then Marisol found a button and she clicked it.Once she clicked it she found a beautiful fealty with lots of trees and flowers, they went to explore it but then Marisol stepped on something hard and it was a X mark.They both started digging and found a treasure chest and a key beside it.They used the key to open the chest and found what looked like was gold and a picture of an ancient pirate!

Aug 25

There are lots of adventures at the park. Marisol like looked behind a tree and found another piece of paper. On the piece of paper, there was a ticket to a hot air balloon.

Marisol and Keanu jumped in the hot air balloon ride and took it to a secret field. The surprise they found was horses and goats. The end

Aug 21

Hi everyone is going on the building building bridge Type

Aug 19

Behind the library was a place in the city that neither Marisol or Keanu had seen before. “What is this place?” asked Keanu, “And how come we never saw this place?” “Where could the treasure possibly be?” question Marisol. They walked more onto the place, as soon as they were in the giant patch of flowers a whole world of everything they liked opened up. There was giant pizzas, cakes, and pretzels. There were poodles, hippos and even a giant pool with the Loch Ness Monster! Wow! They stepped out of the patch and watched the entire place fall apart and vanish. They watched as a toddler crawled into the flowers to sniff it. The entire place turned into a playground with bunnies everywhere and again when the boy ran back to the librarian it was back into the patch of flowers. Keanu and Marisol had found the treasure.

Aug 18

We should go to the arena !!!😃😀

Aug 17

They followed the map to the beach. When they reached the destination they saw three palm trees. There was a bench beside the trees. They looked around for the treasure and they saw a shipwreck. In the wrecked ship they saw a chest filled with diamonds, emeralds and gold.

Aug 17

“We should go to the Pizza Party! It’s here on the map.My grandma sure loved pizza!” said Keanu.

Aug 15

Let’s go play Minecraft on the Xbox

Aug 09

Have pizza

Aug 08

to the park

Aug 05

The map said to go back to the park and into the forest and in the forest they found a hut with Keanu’s granny!! THE END!!!!!!!!!

Aug 05

Then They relized that In the corner of the map there was the word FAKE!!!!!!!!!

Aug 04

they would end up back where they were and marisol had tricked keanu the end

Aug 04

the pickle factory and behind the pickle factory is the treasure.

Aug 02

Keanu and Marisol went around town and then they ended up at the town jail. They were afraid to go in because they would end up in jail. It was a trick map. The End.

Aug 01

we headed to the marsh and there it was

Jul 29

next they went to the beach and there was lots of poeple and they were there and then when most of the poeple left they fownd an x so they dug and dog until they fownd a treasure box and opened it up they fownd lots of coins THE END.

Jul 25

WE GO TO THE ICE CREAM SHOP Kenau said with anger. Marisol said so when we get there we will find the treasure. That’s right said Kenau said with a smile.THE END

Jul 22

We go to the basketball stadium then the choco chewers club around the trees 2 times then you find the treasure said Keanu

Jul 20

to the ice cream shop and search in the ice cream bowls. Then “booh” said the ice cream “I found your treasure hahaha! The treasure is you!!!” Then the friends started laugthing.

Jul 17

asked Marisol. Keanu looked at the map, “looks like we have to go over there!” said Keanu pointing at the baseball diamond but the treasure wasn’t there! turns out Peruvian Guinea Pigs and their owners stole the last of the treasure… to be continued

Jul 17