Story Starters

Fabled Creatures Zoo

“Well, that was fun!” my mom exclaimed on the drive home. “Who would have ever thought those creatures actually existed?!”

My mom and I had just visited the world’s first drive-through Fabled Creatures Zoo. It’s a safe haven for mythical creatures from across Canada. According to what I heard on the news, this place had existed for years, and they finally decided to open it to the public.

Tourists from around the world were booking flights to Canada to see the creatures.

“Which creature was your favourite?” my mom asked as we pulled into our driveway.

“I dunno,” I replied. “Probably the dragon or the unicorn.”

“I liked the yeti,” my mom responded with a smile. “He was cute.”

“Mommm …” I exclaimed, trying to hold back a laugh.

As our car pulled into our driveway, we heard a noise from the trunk.

Knock, knock, knock.

“What on earth was that?” I asked.

“Maybe one of the zoo creatures snuck into our trunk?” my mom responded.

We walked to the back of the car. My mom put her key in the lock, turned it, and slowly opened the trunk. 

Story Endings


Suddenly, a green dragon burst out from the car’s trunk. They called the zoo, but it was not an animal of the zoo. So they took care of it and everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.

Aug 30

and a small creature pop out it was a dragon 🐲. It smelled cookies 🥠 from the house 🏡 it ran inside and ate them all what a glouton my mom said i just chrug and went to the creature i gave her marshmallows she rosted them and gobeled them all when she finish eating she fell asleep i took her and put her on the coach i lay a blanket on her . then i said mom can whe keep it no she answers maybe the the zoo is looking for her but when whe went to the fabled zoo the said she wasen’t from the zoo whe kept her and i called her Fable just like the zoo.

Aug 22

A little thing was in the trunk. It had covered itself with a sheet. I told Mom to go to the kitchen and load in the food. I took the thing to my brother, Connor. He reckons that it’s a Griffin, but those are nearly extinct. I travelled to Camelot, but lost my hopes. A few knights joked around the table. “ And then it yells to the ‘ole bar, and I killed it. ‘E says that I’m dead, but I killed ‘im.” This was a tall knight who had a very round head. “You were brave, Sir Galahad, but it’s not like strangling a dragon with a net, at the age of 15.” It was Sir Optimus. I crept to Merlin’s chamber and dropped the griffin onto a little couch. I left, but two knights blocked the door. One was Sir Optimus and the other was Sir Galahad. I snuck past them. Galahad saw me. A lot of horses were on me. I ran to the temporary portal, and saw a space small enough for an 11 year old. I fell into an attic.

Aug 11
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