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Fabled Creatures Zoo

“Well, that was fun!” my mom exclaimed on the drive home. “Who would have ever thought those creatures actually existed?!”

My mom and I had just visited the world’s first drive-through Fabled Creatures Zoo. It’s a safe haven for mythical creatures from across Canada. According to what I heard on the news, this place had existed for years, and they finally decided to open it to the public.

Tourists from around the world were booking flights to Canada to see the creatures.

“Which creature was your favourite?” my mom asked as we pulled into our driveway.

“I dunno,” I replied. “Probably the dragon or the unicorn.”

“I liked the yeti,” my mom responded with a smile. “He was cute.”

“Mommm …” I exclaimed, trying to hold back a laugh.

As our car pulled into our driveway, we heard a noise from the trunk.

Knock, knock, knock.

“What on earth was that?” I asked.

“Maybe one of the zoo creatures snuck into our trunk?” my mom responded.

We walked to the back of the car. My mom put her key in the lock, turned it, and slowly opened the trunk. 

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Story Endings


And there was a baby unicorn there. I thought it was very cute and I said to my mom if we could keep it but she said only for a week. I said I wanted to name it and I thought of a name Uni. I am not that creative. After a few minutes there was a store named “ Unicorn shop” and we saw a sign that says that there is things we would need for a unicorn. So mom said she will go to the shop and I will stay in the car with Uni. A hour later mom came back and we went home. Uni was good during the time. And when the came to give her back we could not find the zoo. Was a dream? I pinched my seft but noting happend. My mom said we could keep her and I got so happy.

Jun 21

I think that there is a unicorn 🦄 in the trunk

Jun 20

And much to our surprise there was a white beautiful unicorn with a golden horn tapping its pink hoofs on the floor of the trunk.

So we carefully closed the trunk and took the unicorn back to the zoo to be with the other creatures.

Jun 20
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