Story Starters

Once Upon a Slime

I was on my way home from school last Wednesday, and I started to notice some weird patches of green slime on the sidewalk.

The spots of slime became larger and appeared more frequently as I got closer to home.

When I got to my street, the patches of slime became so frequent that they started to blend in together: a line of slime down the sidewalk, and then up my driveway toward the front door.

There was a huge blob of slime on my porch and in front of the door.

I tiptoed around the slime as best as I could to reach the door. I noticed slime on the doorknob. Gross!

What on earth is going on? I thought to myself.

I put my hand inside my shirtsleeve, grabbed the handle, and opened the front door. 

Story Endings


What!there was a big slime person who was 6ft,IN front of my doorway inside!That felt creepy…but when I was about to run away the slime person tapped me on my shoulder.It felt gooey.Really interestingly he was talking!!He said his name was Sore,I actually don’t know how I was there standing in front of slime m- oh sorry actually Sore.But later on I felt comfortable when he introduced himself.Then I introduced myself.Sore said”y-o-u are the f-i-r-s-t one to not be scared of me”. Well I thought to myself that I “was”scared but not now.We became friends after and there was no Sore problem anymore except for hiding him..We always got caught because of his slime tracks.But anyways we are friends.The End.

Aug 25

Oh no, there was slime in the house. I found a sword and tried to chop the slime down but there was a slime monster and now I didn’t know what to do. And then, an oozy something came up and gave me back the sword. The sword had powers and it made all the slime go away.

The end

Aug 23

Then u find out ur house is made of SLIME!!!

Aug 18
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