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Once Upon a Slime

I was on my way home from school last Wednesday, and I started to notice some weird patches of green slime on the sidewalk.

The spots of slime became larger and appeared more frequently as I got closer to home.

When I got to my street, the patches of slime became so frequent that they started to blend in together: a line of slime down the sidewalk, and then up my driveway toward the front door.

There was a huge blob of slime on my porch and in front of the door.

I tiptoed around the slime as best as I could to reach the door. I noticed slime on the doorknob. Gross!

What on earth is going on? I thought to myself.

I put my hand inside my shirtsleeve, grabbed the handle, and opened the front door. 

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Story Endings


slime kept coming in my house but i closed the door as fast as the slime even came. my cat named whiskers he secretly WENT OUT i said in my mind “HOW DID HE GET OUT HERE? i grabbed him on the belly and put him inside gently i closed the door nob AS FAST AS I COULD then the slime never came in. THE END

Jun 23

There was a slime monster in my house

Jun 23

Then when l went in the whole house was filled with slime!

Upstairs downstairs everywhere was filled with slimey goopy slime.

So l decided to call my friend ava

She said the same thing is happening to her house

But then when l went to the kitchen there was a machine in the sink and it was pouring slime!

I dstoied it and then my phone rang it was my friend ava she said the slime stoped and dissapered and then the slime in my house was gone too there was no more slime left

                     The End
Jun 23
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