Story Starters

Help, I’m Stuck!

“Help! Help me!” yelled the princess from a small opening at the top of a large tower. “A wicked old witch trapped me up here, and I can’t get down!”

“But how can I get you down?” I questioned in reply from the base of the tower.

“I have a rope and a large bucket up here.” Using the rope, the princess began to lower the bucket down to me.

“Go find some material to put in the bucket that I can use to help me get down,” the princess explained. “Once you fill the bucket, I can use the rope like a pulley to raise the bucket back up to me.”

“What material should I get?” I asked, puzzled.

“Think of something!” she yelled back. “Anything that I can use to help me get down safely.”

“Hmm,” I thought. “Okay, I think I have an idea!” I yelled up to her.

I ran into town to the local shops. 

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Story Endings


When the person reached the shop he had to ask the shopkeeper to give a key. So the shopkeeper gave him a silver key. The man thanked the shopkeeper and went to the tower. When he reached there and put the silver key in the bucket. The princess saw the person put something in the bucket so she pulled the bucket and found a silver key. So she picked it up and unlocked the door. Finally she escaped.

Jun 23

I got some wood and hammers and screws and screwdriver and nails to build a ladder to help the princess get down

Jun 22

Bought a growing potion and ate all my problems away .

Jun 21
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