Story Starters

Help, I’m Stuck!

“Help! Help me!” yelled the princess from a small opening at the top of a large tower. “A wicked old witch trapped me up here, and I can’t get down!”

“But how can I get you down?” I questioned in reply from the base of the tower.

“I have a rope and a large bucket up here.” Using the rope, the princess began to lower the bucket down to me.

“Go find some material to put in the bucket that I can use to help me get down,” the princess explained. “Once you fill the bucket, I can use the rope like a pulley to raise the bucket back up to me.”

“What material should I get?” I asked, puzzled.

“Think of something!” she yelled back. “Anything that I can use to help me get down safely.”

“Hmm,” I thought. “Okay, I think I have an idea!” I yelled up to her.

I ran into town to the local shops. 

Story Endings


I saw a huge ladder but it caused 500 dollars SO I bought it . It was very heavy it would not fit in my car .I cared it all the way home .I felt so tired .It would not fit in the bucket so I simply placed it on the wall . The princess used the ladder to climb down . THE END

Aug 29

“What can I help you with today?” the lady at the till asked. “Do you sell magic wands?” I inquired. If the princess had a magic wand she could zap herself out of the tower. The lady raised her eyebrows. “Magic wands? Why, yes we do, but they cost 3 gold coins.” 3 gold coins! I’d never had 1 gold coin, let alone 3! But I knew where I could find them! “Thanks! I’ll be right back!” I called, and dashed out of the shop. Outside, I raced to the trolls bridge. “Trolls!” I called. “Will you give me 3 gold coins?” “What will you give us in return?” “Um, I’ll give you this magic rock,” I said. It wasn’t really magic but I had to get the coins. “All right. We’ll trade,” they said. I got the coins, bought the wand, and raced back to the princess. “I have your material!” I said and dropped the wand in the bucket. “Oh, thank you!” she said and freed herself from the tower. I was happy to help the princess. THE END!!!!!!!

Aug 24

When I was looking for something to bring her down, I saw a monster which was small and it said “Looking for a time machine? Come with me and will show you.” I followed the monster and when I saw the time machine it was small. “Turn the line any where you want and it will take you there and it costs 100 dollars.” I already had 200 dollars so I got it. Then I found a ladder
and the shopkeeper said it was for free so I got it. Then I went to the princess and put the ladder on the tower. Then she climbed down the ladder. But it made creaking sounds but then a dragon woke up. The princess said it was okay. Then when she came down I opened the time machine but the wicked witch came and the time machine turned into some random time. Look for part 2 on Sunday.

Aug 19
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