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Cat Versus Unicorn

People always talk about how cats and dogs don’t get along, but actually, there is a secret rivalry between cats and unicorns!

“Cats may be one of the most popular pets around, but unicorns are the most popular mythical creature! Look at my mane! My hair is so shiny and sparkly!” Unicorn announced.

“Unicorns can’t purr! Look at my fur, it’s so soft. And when people pet me, they relax and fall asleep!” Cat proclaimed.

And so, Unicorn and Cat argued. This went on and on, until all the other pets and mythical creatures got annoyed. Finally, it was decided that Cat and Unicorn would have a three-part competition to decide who was truly better.

The first stage was a cupcake-eating contest. Unicorn LOVED cupcakes; in fact, Unicorn liked ALL cakes: cupcakes, pancakes, lava cakes, all the cakes! Cat took a sniff of the cupcake and then a lick and gave up right away. Unicorn won!

The second stage was a napping contest. Well, Unicorn was so full that taking a nap was no trouble, but he woke up after 15 minutes. Cat, on the other hand, was used to taking catnaps of 15 or 20 minutes and easily slept for 30 minutes. Cat probably could have slept for two hours, but then the competition would take FOREVER to finish. Cat won this challenge easy peasy!

The third stage was … 

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Story Endings


The third stage had a rainbow and a couch on it. The cat and unicorn looked at each other in confusion. The cat leaped onto the couch and picked up a letter from the manager of the contest it said: In this contest both of you have proven to be very talented in your own ways. The rainbow is a prize for Unicorn and the couch for Cat. You will be also getting unlimited Kitty crunchies and Hay squares. I think we can declare The Unicorn as the best Mythical creature and The cat was the best pet. From: Manager. The unicorn and the cat celebrated all night long until the cat thought of something: What about dogs? The cat stalked away leaving the unicorn feasting on Hay squares. I’m coming for you dogs the cat thought………….. To be continued!

Jun 23

The third stage was like no other for the judges came up with a question that was not a thing you can do but rather what people thought of them. As the judges said “Now the voting stage” the unicorn and cat sat next to each other in scilence waiting. A box was put on the stage but it was no ordinary box,it was a voting box. One at a time animals came up to the stage to vote for the unicorn or the cat. As all the animals finished voting the judges started counting the votes. After they where done the judges announced “WE HAVE A TIE!” Murmurs scattered as all the animals where confused. There can’t be a tie we don’t have a even amount of animals! Then the judges announced “This tie is because of Freddy the frog who is in bed sick” animals groaned. “But for now I think we can agree that cats and unicorns are the best in their own ways.” The end

Jun 21

to fight to survive. The cat used his claws to scratch the unicorn. The unicorn used his magic horn to shoot rainbow laser beams out of his horn to shoot the cat. The cat scratched as hardest as he could. But the cat realised that unicorns are not real. But when the cute marshmallow came for the unicorn, the unicorn can activate a special ability; a rainbow blast. But then the unicorn disappeared. The cat has won 100 million dollars, a big, fat shiny trophy and 100 bags of cat food!!!

                    The End :)
Jun 21
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