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The Stinky Slippers

Cinderbella got home after midnight. She took off her slippers and a waft of odour invaded her nose. Wow, had she stepped in something gross? Nope. ACK! It was coming from the inside of the shoes! EEK!

The shoes smelled pretty bad, and they weren’t even hers to begin with. Her stepsister, Snowbella, had thrown them away in the garden, so Cinderbella had saved them. Snowbella often changed her mind though, so she might decide she wanted them back, and she would not be happy with stinky slippers!

Cinderbella tried washing and scrubbing them with soap, but no, that didn’t work. Her fairy godmother was on holiday. What was she going to do? If only someone or something could help her!

Suddenly, she heard a noise in the garden. TAP! TAP! TAP! She quietly walked over to the bushes where the noise was coming from, to find …

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Story Endings


Her slippers!Well,at least a pair that looked like Snowbella’s.Anyway,they were clean!She threw her smelly slippers in the trash,and grabbed the ones in front of her.Suddenly,they moved to the left!They could move on their own!”Oh,Cinderbella!”yelled Snowbella,who was in the other room.”I want my slippers back!”Soon, the clean slippers jumped in the trash!Cinderbella looked through there.She found the stinky ones, but she thought they were the clean ones.She put them on just as Snowbella walked in the room.”Thank you,”said Snowbella,taking the slippers off one by one.”Hold on - what’s that horrible smell?”“Um,”Cinderbella said.”It’s just my elbow.I was playing outside today,and it fell in some dirt.”“Okay then,”said Snowbella.

Jun 22

A scary Vampire with Bl00dy knife it its hands the vampire chases cinderalla all around the house . she rushes out of he front door and she yells while running to see if her neighbours will hear her but she soon realizes that noone is here

Jun 22

The house cleaner!Snowbella had ordered him to go and find the slippers.The cleaner asked Cinderbella if she had seen the slippers,Cinderbella has never told a lie so she said “yes i came from the ball past midnight and thv slippers were all stinky!”The cleaner helped Cinderbella scrub the shoes and soon enough they were all shiny and new,they brought the shoes to Snowbella who said “great what took you so long?”The cleaner and cinderbwlla lokked at each other and smiled!

Jun 22
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