Story Starters

The Stinky Slippers

Cinderbella got home after midnight. She took off her slippers and a waft of odour invaded her nose. Wow, had she stepped in something gross? Nope. ACK! It was coming from the inside of the shoes! EEK!

The shoes smelled pretty bad, and they weren’t even hers to begin with. Her stepsister, Snowbella, had thrown them away in the garden, so Cinderbella had saved them. Snowbella often changed her mind though, so she might decide she wanted them back, and she would not be happy with stinky slippers!

Cinderbella tried washing and scrubbing them with soap, but no, that didn’t work. Her fairy godmother was on holiday. What was she going to do? If only someone or something could help her!

Suddenly, she heard a noise in the garden. TAP! TAP! TAP! She quietly walked over to the bushes where the noise was coming from, to find …

Story Endings


A gold key with a flower on it. It was very beautiful. Cinderbella saw a tiny door and opened it with the key. There was a golden path leading in the door, so Cinderbella went in.She walked on the path for a long time until she reached a box, just lying there. She opened the box and found 2 pairs of slippers, clean, beautiful, and rose - scented. She took the slippers home and hid one pair in Snowbella’s room and kept the other. Snowbella was delighted to have a new pair of slippers and thanked Cinderbella. They became the best of friends. THE END

Sep 02

A magical fairy! The magical fairy said,”Abracadabra!” and the slippers were clean, smooth, and sparkly and smelled like roses. Then, Cinderbella’s prince charming came and he had a surprise for her! A pair of magical pink slippers! Now, Cinderbella had two pairs of sparkly slippers! She hugged her prince charming and thanked the fairy!

                    THE END
Aug 27

My story part 2 Snowbella fell in love whit him to but saw that Cinderbella was more close to him she became jealous very jealous she walked over and proposed to Cinderbella to go to the cliff where the flowers 💐 blossom 🌸 but she wanted to harm her.The next day the went to the cliff when Snowbella saw a rose 🌹 she told her sister can you get me the rose 🌹 close to the hegde please. yes sure. when she pick it up Snowbella push her and she fell down but she hold a branche 🌿 and herd Snowbella laugh 😂 wickedly she disguised her self as Cinderbella but decide to make a story. She told Benjamin that Snowbella had fallen the cliff she lie 🤥 about it then Benjamin told her something shocking 🤯 my real name is William and i am a prince 🤴 i fell in love 😍 with you. but at that moment The real Cinderbella apeard and said she was the fake the prince recognized her. next chapter 3

Aug 23
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