Story Starters

Caw! Caw!

The crows are my friends. They love eating the cherries from this tree. I always say hello and talk about my day. Those friendly crows reply, “Caw! Caw!”

Last week, I noticed a shiny golden button lying in the field. Where did it come from? I bent over to get a closer look and my glasses slid down my nose. I picked up the button and put it in my pocket.

The following day, a silver key lay glistening in the sun at the base of the tree.

Later that weekend, I found a funny-looking copper coin in the grass. It was right next to a crow’s feather.

The crows were leaving me gifts.

I returned one afternoon to find some red string wrapped around the tree trunk and through the branches like a beautiful web, so I decided to follow it. I looked up and…

Story Endings


the crows had thrown a party for me!

There was food, like watermelon and worm pizza, cupcakes made of compost with sprinkles and all the pond water I could drink!

The crows were celebrating our friendship, and I promised to keep their nest safe for as long as I lived.

The end.

Sep 04

I saw a perfect present that I really wanted ever since. So searched more to see who left this present for me and I saw a very old crow that was sitting on the tree smiling. I asked him of he fave the present and he said yes. I thanked him so much for the present znd he was also happy that he made someone’s day.

Aug 26

I saw one crow giving me the golden button and then i took it it tornit into a box and inside the box there was so meny thins that i lost then i was a child.The end

Aug 23
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