Story Starters

The Ant Hotel

Welcome to the Ant Hotel. Yup, you read that right. It’s a hotel for ants. We welcome everyone, though. All are invited to rest and relax at this fine establishment.

Wait…you’re a what?! An ant-EATER? Um, your tongue looks sticky and long.

I see you’ve brought your friends too.

Who are they and what do they want here?

Story Endings


We are here to play and build a new ant hotels

Sep 04

“We are tired and we herd this hotel is open for everyone so we thought we might stop in for the day.”said one anteater.”alright but we need you all to sign this contract. After you all have signed this it means that you will not aet the ants that are staying at this hotel.”said the hotel director. “…umm okay sure.” Said the antaeters. “We’ll sign this contract of yours.”

             THE END
Aug 31

Gwen and Aleeza, huh? Well, I’m sorry, but you’re all much too big to fit in our biggest room. I do invite you to sleep in our outdoor bedroom, Very spacious and it can fit 11 more of you. Not that you should bring them here… Wait! You called them already?! On second thought, maybe that’s not big enough for 15 anteaters… Excuse me while I deliver a package to one of our guests. When she was safe in the washroom… Hello, 911? There are humongous anteaters in the Ant Hotel, and they’re bringing 11 more people. 5 minutes later… Well, I’m sorry, but the police want to have a little chat with you outside. Once the anteaters were outside… Whew! Disaster averted! We almost had to send the hotel in a lockdown! 🐜THE END🐜

Aug 29
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