Story Starters

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

There I was, happily playing in the bathtub, when Grandma started to drain the water. “Wait!” I called. “Not yet.” She reassured me that none of my toys was small enough to wash down the drain.

My toy boat started bobbing near the spiral of water. I heard a voice shouting, “Ahoy matey!” It was the ducky captain of my boat. “The water is draining and it’s draining fast. What are you going to do?” the captain quacked.

The choice was mine, so I…

Story Endings


decided to help the little ducky because I didn’t want it to get stuck in the pipe

Aug 26

The choice was mine, so I pit up my toys and put them on the floor.

Aug 26

I quickly ran to get the boat. I am asking you something I went to get some thing really giant to block the hole so nothing can falls in the hole and draining and I save the dayy!!!

Aug 26
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