Story Starters

The Thing That Fell From the Sky


Fleur hid behind a tree and stared at the small rock that had fallen from the night sky.


The rock split in two, and something round popped out and buried itself into the ground. Fleur was curious, but also a bit scared, so she ran home and tried to pretend she didn’t see anything.

While she slept, the thing that buried itself grew.

When Fleur woke up the next morning, she went back to where the rock had split and was shocked to discover…

Story Endings


an alien egg. The egg cracked and fleur ran away but fleur notice something wrong. The alien was not attacking It seemed sad then fleur went over to calm it down. They became friends

Aug 28

The fleur

Aug 25

as soon as she touched it she was a princess 👑 with everything a princess had the end.

Aug 22
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