Story Starters

The Book of Strange

It was a bright, sunny day and Juu was at the library with his best friend Rasheeda and her therapy cat, Snowball. While they were choosing what to borrow, Snowball found a pale blue book and repeatedly jumped on it.

Juu went over to investigate and looked at the cover. There was no title, no images, no title. It was very strange.

“What’s that?” Rasheeda asked and she reached over and opened the book.

Suddenly, a large gust of wind blew out from the pages and sucked them in. “AHHHHHHHH!”

When Juu opened his eyes, he was lying down in the middle of a forest. Rasheeda sat up, rubbing her eyes. “Where are we?… Where’s Snowball? Snowball! Snowball!”

The trees rustled, and a large shadow loomed over them. They looked up to see two large green eyes and a whole lot of fur. Snowball was giant-sized and his voice sounded like a purr. “Welcome to my world. I’ll show you around.”

He lowered himself so that Juu and Rasheeda could climb onto his back, and off they went. “Hold on tight!” Snowball ran up the mountain quite quickly and when they got to the top, they finally noticed it.

“I can’t believe it!” Rasheeda gasped. It was…

Story Endings


A portal to another dimension! Juu said, everything was shapes. Then a GIANT and when I say GIANT i mean literally GINORMOUS PENTAGON came up out of the ground! You get to pick what he does

Aug 30

“I can’t believe it!” Rasheeda gasped. It was… a beautiful place filled with flowers, toys, a long stream, and everything a cat would like. Rasheeda was amazed, and most of all, she was shocked! How was this possible? Was she dreaming? She pinched herself, no she wasn’t. This was all real! Snowball had its own little world! Wow, could you imagine it? Snowball introduced Rasheeda, and Juu (who of course were too amazed to even speak) to its world. Juu took a lot of pictures. After a few minutes, the night sky turned really bright, and Rasheeda’s alarm clock went off. What? Oh! “Where did the pictures go which you captured from Snowball’s world?” Asked Rasheeda to her sister Juu. Juu looked confused, “What? Snowballs right there,” she did not know what Rasheeda was talking about, and pointed at Snowball who was sitting on the floor, staring at Rasheeda. Then Rasheeda realized something. She was dreaming the whole time!

Aug 25

The transformation magazine so they transformed into cats the end

Aug 22
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