Story Starters

Down the Stairs

It was Camila’s turn to tidy up part of the attic. She hit her old knapsack a few times to loosen the layer of dust on it, then placed it beside the brown briefcase.

 “This way, this way,” she heard a muffled voice say. She looked around, trying to figure out where it was coming from. She looked at the briefcase and noticed it was slightly open.

Camila put it flat on the floor and pushed it open before quickly backing away. When nothing came out, she leaned forward a bit to see what was inside. There was a stone staircase leading down somewhere.

 “Am I saving you a piece?” a voice called from beyond the stairs, as the smell of apple pie wafted upwards.

Her stomach began to growl. She would just check really quickly what was going on and then come right back.

She grabbed her knapsack and threw in a few things, just in case. She stepped into the briefcase and went down the stairs.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs…

Story Endings


then she saw a beautiful village. There were many houses, trees and a fare was going on. So she decided to buy tickets to get rides. She rode horse, strawberry, racing cars and dragon swings. After that Camilla felt hungry, she bought cotton candy, popcorn and cola. After a while when Camilla was tired she picked her knapsack and went back to her breifcase stairs. She stepped out from the briefcase and went to her room to sleep. She never revealed her briefcase secret to her parents and anyone. Whenever she used to feel to ride, she stepped into the briefcase and enjoyed the fare.

Sep 02

then she saw her mom and her mom turned into a zombie then she then she went to see her whole family and they all turned into zombies. and then all of the people that lives in that town turned into zombies but not camila’s friends

Aug 24

there was a huge snake.It was a rattle snake. Reeeeeaaaally big snake HUGE. It chased her up the stairs it almost bit her but she got away.

Aug 23
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