Story Starters

Wheels Up Club

Three friends who like to adventure created a club called Wheels Up. Mars uses a wheelchair, Xander uses a bicycle and Mina uses a scooter.

Today’s adventure was a wheel-designed escape room challenge.

For the first challenge, Mina used her scooter to help her lay a very long rope over a pattern exactly the way it was drawn on the floor. Mars and Xander were able to help by feeding her the rope from the spool machine.

The second challenge was going around the big warehouse looking for items based on clues they had. Mars retrieved the last piece they needed to solve the puzzle, using his wheelchair to get him to the very end of the warehouse, which felt as big as a football field.

The final challenge was to find a yellow ball in a bin full of different coloured ones on top of the two bicycle/skateboard ramps. Each correct ball had a two-digit number for a code to the lock they had to solve to finish the game. They decided that Mina and Xander would go up the ramps and yell the numbers to Mars who would enter them into the lock.

Challenge begin!

Mina and Xander made their way up the ramps, but then SURPRISE! Staff members appeared! One dumped Mina’s bin all over the ground, and the other one took Xander’s bin and escaped into a curtained area. Xander chased him, and behind the curtain was…

Story Endings


An obstacle course! The kids all rolled over to it
and raced each other over and over and over. But the kids kept missing the yellow balls hidden on the course until, Mars found one of them. Then the kids found every one of them and finally escaped!

Aug 28

a transportation machine !he got wisked away to another world 🌎 🌏 🗺️ !

Aug 25

Behind the curtains was three trophies for the three participants. The staff members were actually their parents. The three friends got ice cream cake to congratulate them for their hard effort.

Aug 23
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