Story Starters

Hiro the Hero Dog

Hiro was a super dog. His name actually sounds like the word “hero.”

How did Hiro become a hero?

One stormy day…

Story Endings


He was walking while he was thinking that I am always bored so why can’t I help everyone and be a hero to everyone? He helped everyone and everyone said You are a hero and you have the perfect name “Hiro” Then he helped and helped and helped he continued to be a hero and he became a “SUPER HERO”

Aug 26

he got struck by lightning.Then he started to fly. As he was flying he saw a burgler stealing the gem of anneya. He flew down and caught him.The end

Aug 23

he saw a hot dog & he went to it and ate it! Then he got super strength and could fly. Then he saw a chipmunk being chased by a coyate. Then Hiro came & stopped the coyate from eating the chipmunk. Then a pussy cat came out of nowhere, said I am being chased by a big scary momma bear.Then Hiro came and stopped the bear. Then they told the story about Hiro . Then all the animals made a town called Hiro town. And they all lived happily ever after.

Aug 22
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