Story Starters

Boss Cat

Salmon was the strongest boss cat in the Riverview neighbourhood. She was big, brown and fluffy and only had one eye.

All the boss cats from different neighbourhoods were meeting in the alleyway for the Best Cat Boss tournament. They would compete for the crown plus a bag of treats.

Salmon thought Banana was the strongest competitor. She was just as fluffy as Salmon was and had curly whiskers from that time she got too close to a stove.

The three challenges they had to complete were

1.      The high jump: pull down all the laundry hanging on the line

2.      The box tower climb: climb the tower of boxes the fastest

3.      The sharpest claws: destroy a box with your cat claws

For the first challenge, Salmon concentrated all of her power in her paws and jumped, catching a shirt in her teeth. She pulled down the shorts and socks soon after.

For the second challenge…

Story Endings


Salmon said I would rather be a horse back rider. So salmon ran up the tower of boxes as fast as he could shredding all of the boxes. He jumped off the top and disappeared. He found a beautiful horse stable and became a champion horse back rider. The end.

Aug 31

she climbed up all the boxes and destroyed a box with her claws she came first and won the end

Aug 31

salmon won the seccond and even the third challenge and won the crown plus a bag of treats, hurrrrrrayyyy

Aug 27
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