Story Starters

Sneaky Sneakers

Mikaela and Bintou were so excited to visit the Sneaky Sneakers Factory. Here they would be designing their own shoes and adding a special power to them! They could choose abilities such as speed, jumping, silence, invisibility and so much more. Each shoe could only have one or two special features, making it hard to decide what to use.

Everyone started with a plain white shoe. Bintou and Mikaela chose their sizes and sat down to design.


Story Endings


Bintou saw another thing that caught his eye Bright blue sneakers with Every single power he could think of! Bintou was about to take them, Mikaela saw and took them before Bintou. They were fighting but then A factory worker came and said that they had one more pair of sneakers. But they were in his house he said that he would get them tomorrow. They were about to fight about who should get them now but then the factory worker said to them Whatever you do will always come back to you. they hugged each other and said sorry and Mikaela said that Bintou saw them first so he should take them and they left the store happier than ever

Moral: Whatever you do will always come back to you!

Aug 29

Bintou Wanted invisibility and flying, But Mikaela Invisibility and Speed! The factory worker said we could only pick two that they both liked they decided on invisibility because they both picked invisibility! After that, they needed to be clear on which Power they were going to choose. They both were fighting on either speed or flying! then a worker came and said we should be nice to each other because whatever you do always comes back to you and they both said sorry and hugged each other Mikaela said that flying seemed cool so they picked that and off they went with their brand new sneakers and ever since that day they became popular at school!

Moral: Whatever you do always comes back to you. :)

Aug 29

started ading colour to his shoe and mikaela was too, mikaela chose to draw a unikitty on her’s and bintou tried to draw a tree, he loved the outdoors.because bintou was younger his drawings turned out less detailed than mikaela’s, plus mikaela was a true artist so her drawings were amazing. she drew unikitties,rainbows,clouds,and planets. by the time mikaela finished one of her shoes bintou was seriosly jealous. then bintou drew the sun and some grass and a house with a beautiful wight cat at the front door he was very proud! now time for the next shoe mikaela thought, she desided on pastel rainbow stripes snaking acrose the shoe as she coloured bintou wanted to make his drawings better so he added some of his favourite things such as poop emojis, dogs,books, and tech, soon both his shoes were coloured with bright-coloured scribbles he thought looked like things. then mikaela was done, time to ad stickers! mikaela added lightning bolts,cats,rainbows and more. bintou added trees,

Aug 24
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