Story Starters

The Wish

The Goldhawk Park Fountain was no ordinary fountain. It was hidden in the park, in the middle of a maze, and if you were able to flip a coin into the mouth of the golden hawk statue, your wish could be granted.

Michele had already tried six times to get to the fountain throughout the week and usually gave up, but today he had a good feeling. His dad had made him his favourite blueberry pancakes, and he had found a quarter on his way to school.

When classes were dismissed, he went over to Goldhawk Park and entered the maze. Left, then right. Left, then right. Straight, right, left. Two more lefts…

YESSSSS! He finally found the fountain. He looked at hawk’s mouth. Ok, it was time to throw a coin in. He reached for his wallet and realized he had forgotten it.


He stood there in shock and tried to calm himself down.

Wait a second! He had found a quarter on his way to school. He reached into his pocket and took it out. He rubbed it in his hands and silently made his wish. Then he threw the quarter and…

Story Endings


He still didn’t get it in he turn back but, luckily he found another quarter. “ YAY! I hope I can get it in.” said Michele He made a wish again, threw the coin, closed his eyes and…… CLINK. He made it. “ I can’t believe it.” He skipped all the way home. “ You look so happy. Any reason? Like you flipped the coin in the goldenhawk statue.” Asked his dad. “ YESSS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED” he shouted. “ Huh really great job Michele” Michele was very proud of him. “What did you wish for Michele?” Asked his mom. “I wished to go to Colorado” he said.

The next day the door bell rang, which made Michele get out of bed. “ Michele look at this.” His mom said. Michele came downstairs in the living room. “ Is that the… the tickets for the Colorado trip?” He got really excited about the trip to Colorado. “ We gotta leave now. I packed up everything come on and chang your clothes.” As soon as Michele sat in the car, all eight quarter Michele threw appeared in Michele’s hands.

The End

Aug 24

He got his wish to fly .but he couldn’t control his wings. 🪽 then a coin fell from the sky .🌌 he threw it in the fountain and wished he could be on the ground the end

Aug 22

Great I missed he said. But then out of no where a dragon apeard. Hello the dragon said I am the wish dragon I will grant you one wish. Uhhhhhh the boy thought real hard he had wished for 100 dollars but now that he knows he will get the wish he wants 1000 dollars. I want one thousand dollars he said in a king like voice. Ok the dragon replied. But what the boy didn’t know was that he will repay him is Looneys. All of a sudden the earth started to rumble and then it started raining Looneys. NOOOOOO my money it is all going to others he yelled as he collected as many coins as he could. In the end he only got 100 dollars. The End

Aug 22
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