Story Starters

The Dinosaur

Pavan loved dinosaurs. He loved how they looked, how they sounded. They were so cool.

One day his mom took him to a garage sale and he found the most amazing costume ever!!! It was a t-rex! He was so happy when she purchased it.

His mom knew he was excited, so she washed it right away. He could barely wait for it to cool down from the dryer.

The costume fit perfectly. In fact, Pavan refused to take it off. He wore it every day of the week and even wore it to school.

One recess, his nose started to itch, so he tried to free up his hand to scratch it, but he couldn’t take it out of the costume. That’s when he noticed something weird was going on. His hand wasn’t covered with a costume—it actually kind of looked like a dinosaur hand!

He ran into the washroom and looked into the mirror, and his face looked like a dinosaur’s. The costume had changed him into a dinosaur. How was he going to change back?


Story Endings


Pavan opened his clothes quickly and changed back to a human again.

Aug 30

SCREAMED at the top of his lungs. And covered his whole body in toilet paper and headed straight to the office to call his mom. He called his mom, and she arrived to pick him up. Pavan took the toilet paper off in the and his mom was in shock. He asked his mom what to do. His mom suggested going back to the people they had bought the costume from. His mom drove them there right away. When they arrived at the house they ran tho door bell, and an old man opened the door. Pavan’s mother explained the situation and the old man welcomed them inside, and told them a story as well, about how this had happen to him as well, and how he got back to being him. The old said that Pavan should find a real T-Rex fossil and bite it, and during the night he shall turn back to a boy.

Aug 28

he got scared and called his mom, mom help meeeeeeee! then he just woke up and ran to the washroom to look himself in the mirror, he took a deep breath and realized that he was dreaming. And he went back to sleep.

Aug 21
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