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Masako at the Zoo

Masako was the first person to board the school bus. She got up extra early today because she knew she would be going on a field trip to the zoo. Last night, she had read about the new baby white rhinoceros that was born two weeks ago.

Since Masako was at the back of the bus, she was the last one to get off. As soon as she stepped off, she noticed that no one in her class was there. She rubbed her eyes since she wasn’t sure if she was imagining what she was seeing. Thirty animals were waiting in front of her bus to get into the zoo!

Masako tried to make sense of what she was seeing but she could not believe it! Her best friend Shelley was now a peacock! She could tell it was Shelley because the peacock was wearing glittery sneakers just like Shelley had on this morning. Her other friend Tai was now a…

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Please visit us again in 2019 for more summer reading fun!


Hippo. The teacher was a little baby lion and Tia,Tai’s sister was a whitetailed deer and Masako’s two sisters were camels. The bus drove away and she was told that she would have to take care of her teacher, since she was a baby lion. Baby teacher yawned and Masako rushed to get a blanket. Masako was no fool she knew how dangerous lions were and didn’t want to be eaten. The clock started dinging, Ding Dong. Masako woke up suddenly, “Phew it was just a dream” said Masako and quickly got dressed, ran downstairs, ate her breakfast and got on the bus.

Aug 27

Cat she could tell because she was wearing red jeans just like her other friend Shelley. Then she woke up and saw that it was a just a dream. Then she got ready and got on the bus. When she got off the bus her friends normal. She went to the zoo and had fun.

Aug 17

turtle she could tell because she was wearing a pink sweater just like her friend was. that’s when she saw the big elephant in high heels that was her teacher. The next second she woke up and it was all just a dream.

Aug 15
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