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As Adelaide skips along the sidewalk, she makes sure to avoid stepping on the cracks. She notices something shiny on the sidewalk and stops. It’s a coin. Adelaide inspects the shiny object.

On one side, the coin says “Liberty, 1794” and there is an image of a woman with flowing hair. The other side has an eagle with the words “United States” emblazoned on the coin.

“Coool!” she exclaims. I’ll add this coin to my collection!”

Adelaide places the coin in her pocket and hops the rest of the way until she reaches her home. When she arrives at home, she becomes curious about her recent find. Adelaide logs on to the family computer and enters the search words, “liberty 1794 United States coin.”

She clicks on the top result and it says that the coin is valued at $10 million dollars.

She squeals and runs downstairs to tell her mom.


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Submissions are now closed.

Please visit us again in 2019 for more summer reading fun!


OMG!I found this coin from a few years ago and it costs 10 million dollars! Do you think i can still use it at the mall and other places” Her mother said’” I don’t think so. But you’d better keep that coin. It is very valuable!”

Aug 29

You won’t believe what happened today.I found a 1794 United States coin worth 10 million dollars!Adelaide was so happy because a couple days ago they were robbed.But Adelaide really wanted to keep the coin for her collection.She had to choose what to do with the coin.Days later she finally knew what she would do with it,she would give it up to get ten million dollars.Now,Adelaide and her family were rich and they lived happily ever after.

Aug 25

Guess what happened!I found a liberty 1794 U.S. coin on the sidewalk and it is worth $10 million dollars!

Aug 24
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